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sábado, novembro 10, 2007

Sidmouth sex change cabbie's bullying claim
A SIDMOUTH sex change taxi driver walked out of her job because her bosses continued calling her Dale, instead of her new name of Lucy.

[Canada] [PR/News]
Canada's New Democratic Party Marks 40 Years of Fighting for LGBT Rights
Excerpt: According to Siksay, "Canada has led the world in equality and participation of gay and lesbian citizens. But challenges remain. Transsexual and transgender Canadians need full human rights protections, and LGBTT people in Canada and around the world suffer prejudice and discrimination, even to the point of violence and death. Our work is not yet done."

Jealousy motive suspected in transexual murder
Jealousy is believed to be the motive for the murder of a transexual at an apartment in Sungai Pinang here yesterday.
Jealousy behind transsexual's murder
Police detained a man early yesterday in connection with the murder of a transsexual who was found dead at his Taman Kerling flat on Thursday.

Child's Choice
Five-year-old George* Garcia asked his mother, Shannon, for a quarter. George wanted to make a wish at a well. He wasn't wishing for a pet dog or a super power-he had given it more thought than any other child would. He clenched the coin in his hand and dropped it in with his eyes shut, hoping that his wish to be a girl would come true.

SU campus mourns for grad student
Excerpt: All of the those who spoke about Liberi seemed to share the notion that he was a determined, humble and brave human being. Liberi, a female-to-male transsexual, did not let his sex define who he was or what he stood for in society, speakers said.

The Gender Conundrum
It's a parent's nightmare dilemma: experts say there's a fifty-fifty chance your child will attempt suicide before age 20. Should you opt for an experimental medical treatment that might prevent it? Parents of children whom experts call gender variant are faced with just that question. If a child doesn't identify with his or her biological sex, the onset of puberty, says Laura Amato, a youth-suicide counselor who runs an online transgender support group, can make that child feel like "part of a real-life horror story ... because the wrong parts are changing."

[USA] [Commentary]
Educate yourself on transgender issues
There is a population of youth in today's society in which over 50 percent attempt suicide. This population is the transgendered youth.

Transgender Awareness Week 2007
The UofM Office of LGBT Affairs invites the public to join them in observance of Transgender Awareness Week. Observed on many college campuses across the country, Transgender Awareness Week is a week of celebration, awareness, and visibility for the transgender community.

Cross-dressing and blogger hypocrisy
Excerpt: IT'S ALL JUSTIFIED, of course, because there's no crime more serious to the sex police of the left than hypocrisy — which is why it's interesting to see how these same bloggers have reacted to news that Curtis enjoys wearing women's lingerie.

[USA] [Commentary]
Remembering isn't easy
Among the many hats I wear, the heaviest is that which I don while chronicling those killed at the hand of anti-transgender violence. It is a responsibility that becomes harder and harder, as I strive to hold on to an ever-increasing number of names and places, dates and deaths. It never fully fades into the background, it is always with me to one extent or another. I would not wish the duty on anyone.

From Tiffany to Gabriel, to Zander
A photograph of Tiffany reminds Zander Keig of a little girl who didn't enjoy the frilly dresses her grandmother and mother forced her to wear. In their eyes, a young girl was to dress feminine-in pinks and purples-but Tiffany wasn't willing to wear anything other than pants, shorts and baggy shirts. With an annoyed face, her hands on her hips and legs spread, Zander remembers Tiffany, his female child self.

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