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terça-feira, outubro 30, 2007

The travails of the third gender
Bindiya, a member of the Hijra (Eunich) community, won the hearts of a jam-packed audience at The Second Floor on Saturday night with her witty responses during the question-answer session after the screening of a documentary on her life entitled, Bindiya Chamki Gií.

Canadian suspect's lover denies involvement
A Thai transvestite who was key to the recent arrest of alleged Canadian child molester Christopher Paul Neil has denied providing victims for him.

Japan sex-change parents can't change records: court
Japan's Supreme Court has denied pleas from two people with gender identity disorders to change their sex in government household records, their legal adviser said on Monday.
Supreme Court nixes transsexuals' bid to have gender officially altered
The Supreme Court has quashed the bid by two western Japan transsexuals to have their genders changed on their official family registers, court officials said Monday.

Transgenders, Big Spenders And Suspenders
Chanel is a transsexual sex worker and was just nineteen when she began working the streets. Unlike most young people, Chanel's worries were not focused on fashion or what she was planning to do on the weekend. Instead, she was more concerned with where was she going to sleep that night and what her next meal would consist of, or more to the point, if she was even going to be having one.

Victim of a Sunday shooting says she was targeted
Excerpt: The constant violence they believe was triggered by their sexual preferences. "They started shooting because I am a transsexual and there are a couple of transsexuals who hang there," said Thomas. "Whatever my sexual preference is it has no reason for anyone to mess with me. I don't mess with anyone else."

Efforts to 'cure' gays draw protests
The long-raging debate over efforts by some religious and psychological groups to "cure" homosexuals is flaring a new this weekend on two battlegrounds: at a conference in Irving and at a Barack Obama campaign concert in South Carolina.

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Bill a shameless waste of energy
Excerpt: This bill will force all school dress codes to include transgender dressers. School bathrooms and locker rooms will no longer be gender specific. It will make room for transgender participants on gender-specific sports teams.

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Mass Equality Forgets To Come Back For Transgender People?
The Boston Globe is reporting that <http://tinyurl. com/2vnva8> MassEquality is debating whether or not to disband the organization, after winning marriage equality in Massachusetts. The debate is creating tensions among onetime allies. Some gay leaders believe MassEquality should broaden its mission to include issues such as transgender rights and HIV/AIDS, while others disagree and say expanding Mass-Equality' s agenda to other gay and lesbian causes could dilute its effectiveness, crowd out smaller groups that advocate for gay rights, and alienate some lawmakers and donors who supported same-sex marriage. They believe the group should stay focused on its original mission and perhaps share its expertise with gay-marriage advocates in other states.

Trans candidate fights underdog status
First time candidate Pamela Bennett, a transgender woman and Air Force veteran running for one of two at-large city council seats in Aurora, Colorado, is fighting hard to prove that her underdog status in next week's election is misplaced.

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