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sexta-feira, outubro 26, 2007

Their country has a rather spotty history with its Jews, but Polish TV viewers sure do love an Israeli transsexual. Gender-bending pop star Dana International proved a big hit on Polish variety program Przebojowa Noc ("Night Wire") Saturday evening, getting the studio audience on its feet multiple times with renditions of old and more recent hits, including "Diva," the song that won Israel the top spot at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest.

The National Legislative Assembly yesterday referred a controversial private member's bill on use of personal honorifics to cabinet, citing its impact on other laws and unresolved scenarios.
The much-awaited bill would give married and divorced women the choice of using Miss (nangsao) or Mrs (nang) and transvestites and transsexuals the use of Mister or Miss.
A bill allowing transgender people to use titles appropriate for their new sex has been put on hold after male National Legislative Assembly members spoke against it.

Excerpt: Transsexuals are also vulnerable. Being stereotyped as sexually promiscuous, they routinely face sexual abuse verbally and physically. Yet they do not get any legal protection. The Labour Protection Law only protects women.

Excerpt: SB 777 prohibits any instruction or school-sponsored activity that would promote discrimination against gender. That means terms like "mom and dad" and "husband and wife" cannot be used in California textbooks because they suggest that heterosexuality is the norm. And under the new law, teachers and students who oppose same-sex "marriage" or who express disapproval of cross-dressing or sex-change operations could face disciplinary measures.

You may think the brouhaha over the film The Gendercator is heated, but it's nothing compared to the controversy over 2003's The Man Who Would Be Queen by J. Michael Bailey, a psych professor at Northwestern University.
As Joelle Ruby Ryan-a graduate student at Bowling Green University-can attest, it may be four years later but the Bailey Controversy is still boiling over.

Excerpt: [Alan Van Capelle, ESPA's executive director] said that the group is also working to make an Assembly vote happen in 2008 on the long-stalled Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. Transgender activists were vocal this summer in complaining that five years after they were left out of the gay rights bill, the Democratic Assembly had still not moved GENDA, even as marriage moved surprisingly quickly to passage. ... Van Capelle said his group is looking for foundation money to hire a field organizer to build support for GENDA.

A psychologist testified Wednesday that a person born anatomically one gender who wants to be the other does not suffer from a disorder but rather has a "biologic condition."
A federal court trial is expected to wrap up today (Wednesday) in a challenge to the state law against giving prisoners hormone therapies for sex changes.

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