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sábado, outubro 20, 2007

Charla debate "Evolución de la realidad transexual en España"
Lizethe Alvarez Echeverry, presentará los avances en España para las personas transexuales, así como los problemas con los que se enfrentan tanto a gran escala como en su vida cotidiana. Hará especial hincapié en la realidad como mujer transexual e inmigrante, que conoce tan bien por su experiencia propia, la marginalidad obligada, la discriminación, la identidad, la aceptación.

I'm a tranny llama farmer
KERRY Whybrow likes nothing better than pulling on her bright pink wellies and heading out to talk to her llamas.
A committed vegetarian and animal lover, she makes no secret of the fact she prefers her four-legged friends to people.
But then, Kerry hasn’t had an easy life.
From the moment she hit puberty, she’s fought a secret battle.
Kerry carried that secret with her through three marriages and a distinguished fire service career.
For the softly spoken llama farmer used to be a MAN and always felt she'd been born in the wrong body.

Judgement due in landmark sex change court case
Judgment is due in the landmark case taken by a Co Kildare dentist who wants to have her sex change recognised by the State.
Lydia Foy, from Athy, was born a male, but underwent gender reassignment surgery at 15.
Students Call For Gender Recognition Laws
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has highlighted the "vital human rights implications" of a High Court ruling on the right of an individual who has undergone gender reassignment to be recognised as female on her birth certificate.
Photo: Lydia Foy
State in breach of ECHR in transgender case
The High Court has ruled that the State is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) over its failure to recognise a sex change that a transgendered person underwent more than a decade ago.
Ireland violated transsexual' s right to new birth certificate under EU law, judge rules
Ireland violated European human rights law by refusing to give a transsexual a new birth certificate recording her new gender and name, a Dublin judge ruled Friday in a landmark judgment.

Salud e inclusión laboral para travestis y transexuales se debate en Rosario
Organizado por el Área de la Diversidad Sexual de la Municipalidad de Rosario, tuvo lugar el primer encuentro para el abordaje de políticas de inclusión laboral para travestis y transexuales.

Transvestite led Thai cops to hunted Canadian
After a three-year hunt involving cutting edge technology and police on three continents, it was dogged detective work and a Thai transvestite that finally led officers to Canadian pedophile suspect Christopher Neil.

Government considers transsexuality
The Ministry of Health will allow local qualified clinics to perform transsexual surgeries, according to the draft decree on redefining sexuality that has been submitted to the government for consideration.
Photo: Cindy Thai Tai, a transsexual singer, make-up specialist.

Fake Male Syndrome is on the way out
Excerpt: ...The return of the man's man is bad news for radical feminists and militant homosexual groups who have spent decades promoting gender confusion to our youth. Well-funded radical feminist and homosexual groups are behind the assault on schoolchildren. They've made tremendous inroads in indoctrinating them into "alternative" sexual lifestyles. Case in point. On the afternoon of October 12 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger caved in to radical homosexuals and signed a bill that could force government run schools to accommodate children with "gender identity" issues by permitting them to use the boys' and girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, depending on which gender they choose to identify with at that time. Does this not make you want to homeschool your kids? If you live in Sodomfornia you'd better start now, before your child is robbed of his or her innocence. Remember, those who control the schools control the future.
Christian Parents Urged To Pull Kids Out Of Calif. Schools
Excerpt: The second sexual indoctrination bill that Schwarzenegger signed, AB 394, will promote transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality to students, parents, and teachers through school training programs against 'harassment" ' and ' discrimination. '" ...Moralists can read between the bold lines on that second bill. It means that those who express the biblical position on homosexuality could face lawsuits.

Report clearing prof leaves critics unsatisfied
After a barrage of national media attention, a constant stream of Internet invectives and a formal Northwestern investigation into his research on transsexuals, is psychology Prof. J. Michael Bailey ready for even more attention?

Transgender pastor prompts uneasy questions for Methodists
The Rev. Drew Phoenix is many things to many people.
To St. John's of Baltimore City, he's the fun-loving pastor who counsels them, takes their kids hiking, explains Scripture, and plunges into worthy causes.
To conservative Methodists, Phoenix embodies another front in the "culture wars," a rebel who has defied God and nature and should be removed from ministry.

[MI, USA] [News/Events]
Health, social issues focus of transgender-youth conference
Lance Hicks will be one of about 50 teenagers in Ferndale this weekend to talk about equality, activism and health issues as a part of one of the largest gatherings of transgender youth in the Midwest.

[PA,USA][Blog Commentary]
Excerpt: In April-May 1965 sit-ins took place at a Philadelphia diner called Dewey's Lunch Counter. The interesting twist about this protest is that it involved African-American gay and transgender people. It's probably the first documented instance of people protesting over anti-transgender discrimination.

[News/Commentary] Lessons From the ENDA Mess
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