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sexta-feira, outubro 19, 2007

Un arma cargada de palabras
Excerto: LGTTTBI / GLITTBI: acrónimo de lésbico, gay, travesti, transexual, tránsgenero, bisexual e intersex. Suele usarse como autodefinición de los grupos y movimientos por su condición inclusiva y crítica. Excluye el imperialismo de la "G", la preponderancia del gay masculino sobre otros colectivos.

La nueva promesa de Zapatero a los transexuales
Me dirijo a Uds., nuevamente, para expresar mi opinión y en mi nombre, la postura de las Nuevas Generaciones del Partido Popular de Telde, a la cual represento, sobre el tema siguiente.

Athlete Fights for More than a Spot at 2008 Olympics
Kristen Worley is on a mission. The Canadian cyclist is determined to make it to the 2008 Olympics, but that's not what's first on her mind. The transitioned athlete—the term she prefers over transsexual—is on a mission to prevent a repeat of what happened to Shanti Soundarajan.

Prostitute stabbed in downtown Winnipeg
Winnipeg police have charged a local man with assault after a male prostitute was stabbed several times Tuesday evening.

Auburn Out Loud: Students come out, show support
Excerpt: Among those in attendance of Thursday's festivities was Gwynedd Adelaide Thomas, professor of polymer and fiber engineering, who prefers to be addressed by her feminine name, which will soon become her legal name. Thomas is a transsexual woman who has undergone male-to-female transformation and has been professionally diagnosed as such by two different therapists, one being Virginia Erhardt, a licensed clinical psychologist, gender specialist, founding member of the American Gender Institute and author of several articles in Transgender Tapestry Journal.

Mayoral candidate comes out as TG
Mayoral candidate Michael Powers used last week's candidate forum to reveal for the first time publicly he is transgender. The disclosure is believed to be the first time a transgender person has run for mayor in San Francisco.

LGBT health care movement gains momentum
Excerpt: Ginsberg and Kahn agreed that while they were both satisfied by the level of participation in the initial survey, there were clear indicators for improvements, in particular with meeting transgender individuals' health care needs. According to the report, in some cases paramedics ceased treatment upon realizing patients were transgender and that some health care providers refuse to treat transgender patients.

Man Sentenced In Transvestite Prostitute's Murder
A Northridge man pleaded no contest Wednesday to voluntary manslaughter in the November 2005 slaying of a transvestite prostitute.

California Wrongly Redefines Gender
Nearly everyone agrees that the GLBT community deserves fair treatment and freedom from discrimination that is supposed to be afforded to everyone in America. Every state has anti-discrimination laws that prohibit all forms of discrimination in the workplace and at school. This is how it should be. However, one state has taken anti-discrimination measures way too far.
Tolerance and Diversity - Newest Catch Phrases for Thought Policing
Excerpt: The new language laws in California are an example of tolerance becoming militantly intolerant. But now gays and transsexuals are protected from any offence imagined or real. This is accomplished at the expense of offending over 95 percent of the heterosexuals and their families who reflect the make up of California schools. Is this tolerant?

The Culture War Heats Up in San Francisco
10 days after some transvestites invaded a Catholic church and took communion dressed as nuns, "The San Francisco Chronicle" finally covered the story.

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Gay-rights milestone draws transgender activists' outcry
Gay Rights Groups Applaud Baldwin's Efforts to Restore Gender Identity to ENDA
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Transgender Rights Reinserted in Controversial Gay-Workplace Bill
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Bill to Protect Gay Workers Advances
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GOP Reps save ENDA in close committee vote