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terça-feira, outubro 16, 2007

Visto de Perfil: transexual Lara Crespo em entrevista

No Visto de Perfil desta quarta-feira, a transexual Lara Crespo é a convidada.

O estigma com que lida todos os dias, as dificuldades legais com que se confronta e os desafios que luta para superar.

Quarta-feira, depois das 18h00, a entrevista de Nuno Ferreira.

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Para aceder ao site pessoal de Lara Crespo, clique AQUI e ao seu blog AQUI

Jade Wright is the first person to go backstage with the Ladyboys of Bangkok as they perform in Liverpool

English and Welsh bishops have expressed concern that they would not be able to stop transsexuals from becoming nuns or priests under new equality legislation proposed by the British government.

One of the weirder outcomes of combining fundamentalist religion with national governance is that you have the leader of your country say things like "There are no gays in Iran. We do not have this phenomenon," at an American university, only to be practically laughed offstage and spend the next week backtracking on the statement.

Excerpt: Turner, who was dressed in women's clothing when his body was found, died after being stabbed at least 14 times, according to Dr. Robert Corliss, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy in the case.