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sexta-feira, outubro 05, 2007

Murcia High Court stops marriage between two sisters
They met for the first time as adults after one had gone through a sex change operation

[Hong Kong]
Hong Kong transvestite caught in nurses' washroom is jailed
A transvestite man caught dressed as a nurse in the female washroom at a Hong Kong public hospital has been jailed, a news report said Thursday.

From Steve to Gwen, through eyes of others
Filmmaker uses low-tech filming style, interviews with relatives to create intimate self-portrait of his transformation

[Commentary] Taking a Moral Stance on ENDA
[Letters to the Editor] 'The Justness of Our Cause'
[Commentary] No cross-dresser left behind
[Blog/PR/News] International Federation of Black Prides Supports HR 2015
How far will the Democrats go on gay rights?
[Commentary] A Movement Gets Trans-Jacked
[Commentary] No ENDA Without Trans Protections
[Blog/Commentary] If ENDA Doesn't Protect The Transgendered, It Doesn't Protect Me
ENDA vote scuttled
Trans HRC board member tells why she quit

Activist talks LGBT history
Transgender activist and author Leslie Feinberg spoke to a group of over 100 listeners in Pigott Hall last night about how LGBT struggles do vetail with the struggles against racism, poverty and imperialism.

One Life: Two Genders
Jennifer Boylan read exerpts from her two acclaimed books "I'm Looking Through You" and "She's Not There" to a full room yesterday. The later, "She's Not There," is the first best-selling book by a transgender.

Dr. Discrimination
Excerpt: Looking like she had just walked off the set of Grey's Anatomy, Jacobs, the only person to offer testimony against the bill at the public hearing, warned that passage of Bill No. 23-07, sponsored by Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At Large), would discriminate against ''ex-transgenders. '' These are, she claims, people who have ''stepped out of'' being transgender.

TV Landscape Changing for Transgender Characters
The portrayal of transgender characters on television these days seems to be sort of a glass-is-either-half-empty-or-half-full situation. For years television has presented a steady stream of "transsexual" prostitutes, murder victims, and other assorted minor characters that usually appeared for one episode and were portrayed as little more than a collection of stereotypes to advance the plot or get a cheap laugh.

[USA] [Law/Commentary]
Trans Denied Job Protection
The U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Denver, rejected a sex discrimination claim by a transgendered bus driver whose employer dismissed her because she insisted on using women's restrooms along her route.

Intersex Films Kick Off ‘Love Your Body’ Program
Two films addressing the issues faced by individuals who may have biological characteristics of both male and female sexes will be shown during "Love Your Body" events.