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domingo, setembro 30, 2007

Juiz decidiu soltar os dois skinheads perigosos - Lobo nazi em liberdade
Espancou um imigrante quando festejava o aniversário do nascimento de Hitler, a 20 de Abril, e guardava fotografias de crianças negras com a frase ‘Por favor não alimentem os animais’. Está acusado de vários crimes mas, terça-feira, o ‘Lobo nazi’, como se apresenta o skinhead Carlos Seabra, vandalizou o cemitério judaico em Lisboa. Foi apanhado pela PSP e o juiz mandou-o ontem à tarde em liberdade.

Denuncia a la Armada por discriminarle tras su boda con una transexual
Un militar que reside en Ferrol desde hace un año denunció que la Armada le niega el permiso de 15 días por matrimonio alegando que la suya «no es una boda» por haberse casado legalmente con una transexual. El afectado, Pedro Rodríguez, inició su calvario en agosto de este año cuando, después de haberse casado durante sus vacaciones a finales de julio, acudió a su superior para solicitarle el permiso de 15 días por matrimonio, que le fue denegado.

Un colectivo transexual pide que los primeros tratamientos para el cambio de sexo sean en los Centros de Atención Primaria.
La Plataforma de Inclusión de Derechos Sanitarios Transexuales pidió hoy al Ministerio de Sanidad que los primeros tratamientos para el cambio de sexo sean en los Centros de Salud de Atención Primaria.

Transvestite takes on Arab TV
The Arab world's most famous cross-dresser has a show of his own this Ramadan season. Airing every night during the Muslim holy month, the program is a comical, music-infused spin on the age-old "One Thousand and One Nights."


Focus on need for bringing the transgendered to mainstream
Led by Member of Parliament Kanimozhi, speakers at a seminar here on Thursday underscored the need for initiatives for brining the transgendered to the mainstream. Society's discomfort with difference was the main reason driving the discrimination against the transgendered, Ms. Kanimozhi told the seminar organised by FICCI(Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Ladies Organisation (FLO). The inclusion of the transgendered to the mainstream was the theme of the seminar.
Indian companies should have policies to prevent transgender bias
Companies in India should incorporate and put in place a policy framework to prevent discrimination against trans-genders, a top management consultant said on Thursday.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life
Former prostitute, drag queen, mayor, MP and man, Georgina Beyer has been a person of many parts - but the prospect of playing her own grandmother in a film of her life proved one role too far.

El filme "XXY" representará al país en los Oscar y Goya
El filme 'XXY', de la directora Lucía Puenzo, fue elegido este jueves para representar al cine argentino en las preselecciones de los premios Oscar, de la Academia de Hollywood, y en los premios Goya, la distinción equivalente en la Academia Española.
Argentina enters 'XXY' in Oscar race
Drama "XXY," the freshman pic of novelist and screenwriter Lucia Puenzo, is Argentina's candidate for the foreign-language Oscar nomination and the Spanish Goya Awards.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Is ENDA about to go trans-free?
Excerpt: Fortunately, Barney Frank and the House Democratic leadership are more realistic politically and hopefully HRC's usual pragmatism will keep it on board, even if trans protections are removed. If HRC holds tough, no one will sing their praises higher than your's truly, though to me the decision is a political, moral and civil rights no-brainer.
Trans protection may be dropped from ENDA
New laws designed to protect LGBT workers in the United States may be watered down because leading Democrats are split over the inclusion of gender identity.
House cuts transgender people from hate crimes bill
Even as the Senate passed a hate crimes bill sought for a decade by gays and lesbians, House Democratic leaders decided Thursday to strip transgender people from another long-languishing civil rights bill, generating dismay in the gay community and furious but fruitless lobbying for more time.
[Blog/Commentary] The Washington Post Argues Against A Trans Inclusive ENDA
This is a "connect the dots" post. It's an hindsight argument as to why HRC's/Logo's VisibleVote* 08<http://visiblevote0 8.logoonline. com/> choice of Jonathan Capehart was an LG choice for a journalist/question er, and not an LGBT choice for an LGBT debate.
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA in trouble over trans inclusion - and weak Dem spines
Who knew that Lou Sheldon's hysterical propaganda about "she-males" and bathrooms would cause Dems to start quivering over support for the trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
"Separate but equal" ENDAs
Rep. Barney Frank will introduce two separate versions of the Employment Non discrimination Act -- one that prohibits job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and another one that does the same for transgender people, his staff said Friday.
Tammy Baldwin Withholds Name From ENDA Stripped of Trans Protections
The offices of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and out gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank have confirmed that the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, will be taken up by the Labor and Education Committee without protections for transgendered Americans that were part of the bill as originally introduced this year.
[Blog] Should we kill ENDA if transgendered people aren't included?
There's a debate raging in the gay community over an upcoming vote on the most important piece of civil rights legislation to the gay community, ever. We are on the verge of passing, at the federal level, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, legislation that would make it illegal for an employer to fire, not hire, no promote another wise qualified employee or job candidate simply because they're gay. Some are now arguing that if transgendered people are not included in ENDA, the gay community should not support its passage.
[PR/Action Alert] Help Save the Gender Identity-Inclusive ENDA
We need your help today to ensure that no member of our community is left behind. You can make a difference if you act immediately.
[Blog] It'sa the ENDA the worlda
I had the great good fortune this morning of sitting on a panel at the Out & Equal conference here in D.C., discussing ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act). Like everyone else on the panel, when I accepted the invitation I had no idea that two days before the panel, the Blade would break the story that leaders in the House were getting ready to remove "gender identity" from ENDA to ensure passage -- basically, dropping transgenders to get some conservative freshman Dems on board.
[Blog Commentary] ENDA - To Support It or Not?
Hate Crimes passes the Senate! The Democrats deserve our thanks because they managed to include not only the words sexual orientation but "gender identity" as a protected class.
[Blog Commentary] Déjà Vu All Over Again!?!
Fresh on the heels of Southern Comfort Conference (SCC), many of the transgender community reveled in what seemed a penultimate victory: HRC – yes, the Human Rights Campaign – was actually appearing to take the transgender community as equals. (Obviously the ultimate victory would be equal rights for us all, jobs and all.) All of the years of HRC’s historic missteps seemed to magically disappear. We’re now a welcome, if amnesiac community for the Equal Sign people.

10th Circuit Upholds Trans Woman's Firing
A Salt Lake City bus driver has lost her trans discrimination case before a three-judge panel of the U.S. court of appeals for the 10th circuit.

LOCKED, LOADED & READY FOR MISFIRE: Transsexuals not different
Beyond the makeup and feminine clothing are people like you and me

[USA] [News/Science/ Commentary]
Why are there only two sexes?
Why is the mating game almost always a dance of two, whether the scene is a swank Manhattan watering hole or the shallows of an average pond? Why not three or four possibilities, or even more?

[USA] [News/Commentary]
I Don't Want a Sex Change
Yesterday's historic cloture-proof vote in support of the Matthew Shepard Act, commonly referred to as the hate crimes bill was a major victory. Every Democratic Senator joined together with a handful of Republicans to reach 60 votes in favor of a bill that classifies crimes against people that are motivated by their sexual orientation or gender identity a federal crime.
Passage of 'hate crimes' measure met with conservative disgust
A spokesman for the Family Research Council (FRC) says the "hate crimes" legislation passed by the Senate yesterday poses a major threat to Americans who publicly express their opposition to homosexuality. He is also denouncing the successful effort to attach that legislation to the Defense Authorization bill.
Hate Crime Act
Randy Thomasson, the president of the Campaign for Children and Families says, "This bill is completely unnecessary because every violent crime is a crime of hate. In actuality, this is more about promoting homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality than it is about preventing crime."
Irrelevance in hate crimes
Politicians are often accused of being irrelevant. But rarely has a group of them been so intent on proving that charge than the senators who voted last week for The Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.

[USA] [Commentary]
Our Fight For Anti-Discrimination Laws
Being in the legislative minority is easy - pulling together to block bad things does not require a lot of agonizing over tough decisions. Being in the majority is a mixed blessing.