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segunda-feira, setembro 17, 2007

The Bailey Smokescreen, Ignoring Science and playing to the Gallery
Every now and then, Professor J Michael Bailey appears, along with his supporters to argue against those who are his critics. I can sympathize with him for doing this considering the sometimes hate filled personal attacks Bailey has been subjected to. But there is a problem.

High Court “Required” to Find Against Government in Transgender Case, Say Students
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has said today it anticipates the High Court will tomorrow affirm the right of an individual who has undergone gender reassignment to be recognised as female on her birth certificate. (Please note: There is to be a delay in the announcement of this ruling by the Irish High Court. The ruling is now expected in October.)

Transitioning into new jobs and genders
At the first transgender career expo, men and women meet companies that accept them for who they are becoming.

Body of evidence
There are few topics I have generally avoided in this column – but I want to get into one of them this time out. I want to discuss transgender bodies. As a friend of mine said when I had suggested the topic, "We all have one."