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domingo, setembro 16, 2007

[USA] [Commentary]
Take Action: Business Community Stands Against ENDA
Is your organization "religious enough," or could you be forced to hire homosexual employees? If a male employee comes to work dressed as a woman, what can you do? What about a female news anchor who undergoes a "transition" to become a man?
If the Employment Non-Discrimination Act becomes law, it's likely the courts will decide all of that for you.
Measure before Congress would bar job discrimination against homosexuals
Michael Carney, a gay cop in Massachusetts, figures there's one reason he got his job back: The state makes it illegal to discriminate against employees because of sexual orientation.
Push to End Anti-Gay Discrimination
For Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians is just as reprehensible as bias against blacks and women.
That's why the Kansas City, Mo., Democrat is a leading proponent of a House bill that would prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.