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sexta-feira, setembro 07, 2007

LGBT group accused of inciting prostitution
Eighteen members of a Turkish LGBT association which also represents transvestites have been arrested in the city of Bursa for "forming a gang to commit crimes, being an associate with a gang, and inciting prostitution."

Gender identity disorder and parental guidance
A PERSON is less prone to facing a gender identity disorder if given proper sex education and parental guidance at an early stage at home, according to an expert in male health.

Money and drinking Problems blamed for suicide of transsexual
Police Sub-Lieutenant Saeksun from Banglamung Police station was called to house number 215/52 in Soi Watboon in Central Pattaya on Thursday Morning to investigate a suspected suicide at the location.

Challenging the system
Excerpt: The newly-amended rape law, still in the pipeline, also protects men, the gay population and the transgendered.

[USA] [People/Film]
Wachowski Brothers Are No More
Are you a fan of the Wachowski Brothers? Hey, who isn't. Even if you hate the sequels, The Matrix alone justifies loving the heck out of the brothers. One problem for you though: they no longer exist. sort of.
[People/Film] Andy Wachowski
And then there was one Wachowski Brother.
They used to be Andy and Larry Wachowski - The writing directing team who together created Bound, The Matrix series, and V for Vendetta.
Back in 2003, Larry split from his wife and began to make public appearances dressed as a woman, but the filmmaker never spoke publicly to explain the cross-dressing. Was he merely a transvestite on the order of Eddie Izzard, or was he headed for a sex change?
No Sex Change for 'Matrix' Director Larry Wachowski
'Matrix' Director: No Sex Change, Thanks
Larry Wachowski is still a man.
The co-director of the "Matrix" movies was rumored to have had a sex-change operation recently. Internet sites started buzzing recently that Larry was now called Lana. Someone even edited his Wikipedia entry to that effect. The Wachowski Brothers, they said, were about to become the Donny and Marie of filmmaking.

[USA] [News/Science/Commentary]
Transsexual Smokescreen: Ignoring Science In "The Man Who Would Be Queen"
Both in her recent appearance on KQED’s Forum talk show <
http://www.alicedre forum_transcript .html> and in her blog <http://www.scientif icblogging. com/joanroughgar den/the_bailey_ affair_again>, Stanford University’s Joan Roughgarden continues her campaign to discredit me and my book, The Man Who Would Be Queen. <http://www.nap. edu/catalog/ 10530.html>

[USA/Japan] [News/Film]
Following their voices: Director brings real joys & hardships of gay teens to big screen
Excerpt: The four students--including gay Ralphie and transgender Angel--all came out to their families and friends at a quite young age, an increasingly common occurrence that Linton attributes to the mainstream media's acceptance of some still-controversial lifestyles and identities. "I couldn't believe this girl who told me, 'I'm 16 and I'm gay.' I'm thinking, 'You're saying this [in public]? My God.'