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quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2007

In recent years, theatre has increasingly looked across to cinema for inspiration. And no journey from screen to stage has excited quite the sense of anticipation that attends the Old Vic's stage version of the 1999 film All About My Mother.
Photo: On the verge: Lesley Manville, Diana Rigg, Tom Cairns and Samuel Adamson

Thirteen sex rights groups – from 11 of Chile's 15 regions – met last Sunday to create the Chilean Federation for Sexual Diversity (Fedisech). Founding members include groups advocating women's rights, worker's rights, ethnic minority rights, and student's rights.

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Poets, songwriters and film-makers have advanced many theories down the years on what makes a man a man, but science has always had a straight forward answer - the Y-chromosome.

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J. Michael Bailey wrote the book The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism <http://tinyurl. com/yvpsgh>, which was published in 2003. Dr.Bailey and the transgender community have both been dealing with the shockwaves ever since publication.

The principal of the Ulster BOCES Career and Technical Center in Port Ewen will undergo a sex change operation, according to BOCES Superintendent Martin Ruglis.
Parents and school officials in Ulster County are addressing a bizarre situation after a Port Ewen principal announced he will undergo a sex change operation.

A former San Antonio police officer convicted of civil rights violations for forcing a transsexual to have sex with him in a squad car two years ago returned to federal court Monday seeking a new trial, with his lawyers citing what they said was new evidence that the cop was himself the victim of a setup.