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quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2007

Se debe otorgar identidad jurídica a transexuales: diputado
El diputado Delio Hernández Valadés (Alternativa), presidente de la Comisión Especial sobre No Discriminación, Nuevos Sujetos y Nuevos Derechos, destacó la necesidad de garantizar los derechos de la comunidad transexual en México.

[Chile] [News/Blog/Television]
Transgender character erased from Chilean version of Argentinean soap opera
You might remember something I wrote a while back about the Colombian television soap opera "Los Reyes" and how shocked I was to see a real transgender woman, Endry Cardeño, play the lead role of, well, a transgender woman <http://blabbeando. blogspot. com/2006/ 01/colombia- transgender- tv-diva.html> - and steal the show.
Photo: Endry Cardeño

Pop-star's Transexual Cousin Fights Government
Stefanie Imbruglia, a first cousin of pop star Natalie Imbruglia, told The Sun-Herald that legislation enacted three months ago prevented her listing an "intended" sex on her passport.
Transsexual Says Australian Gov't Endangering Her Life
A transsexual woman preparing to leave for sex reassignment surgery in Thailand says the Australian government is endangering her life by refusing to give her a passport identifying her as female.
[Blog/Commentary] Aussie Transsexual Fights to be a Woman on Passport
Excerpt: To expect multiple countries to support, with documentation no less, the removal of body parts so someone can be called by another gender in almost as outrageous as this kind of operation.

Transgenders to Receive Humane Physicals
The state human rights body has recommended the military authorities improve their rules on physical examination for drafting transsexuals to minimize their sense of shame.

[Sri Lanka]
ASIA: No room for transgender people in HIV funding
In Asia, as in many parts of the world, men who have sex with men often hide their sexual preferences for fear of being harassed by police, ostracised by their families or discriminated against by their communities.
But transgender people, who do not identify with the sexuality they were born with - known as "warias" in Indonesia and "hijimas" in parts of India - are less likely to hide their sexual orientation, and face even higher levels of stigma and discrimination than men who have sex with men (MSM).

[South Africa] [News/Commentary]
If you really wanna swap sexes, it's do-able
Yes, South African surgeons can feel free to boast.
Despite the scandalous reports of bad reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction and so on that appear from time to time, the health stats say Mzansi surgeons are still top notch.
Even some international stars come here to get their bodies pimped.
But a very underrated field of surgery in our country is sex reassignment surgery.
More and more people who are unhappy with their sex can now fix it.
It's expensive, it's long and it's a major decision, but thanks to scientific advancement it can be done.

Nigerian sharia trial postponed
A Nigerian judge in an Islamic sharia court here on Tuesday postponed the trial of 18 men arrested for wearing women's clothing earlier this month.
[News/Blog] Transvestite Court Drama Stuns Nigeria
From Roy Pearson to Anna Nicole's baby daddy, this has been a year of trials absurd enough for Kafka, but apparently America doesn't have a monopoly on courtroom bizarre. Over in Bauchi, Nigeria, 18 men went to court today, accused of attending a transvestite hotel party.

[MA,USA/Brazil] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Will Massachusetts Follow Brazil with Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries?
Whether or not the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill is passed in Massachusetts, there's a good chance that mutilating "sex change" surgery could soon be covered by your tax dollars. Our Supreme Judicial Court will surely confirm that health care, however defined by the individual, is a "constitutional right" as did the Brazilian court.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Further thoughts on why the FTM community is not the place for me
One of the main reasons I'm frustrated with the "transgender" and "ftm" communities is that, at this point, it is very hard to find what I need in those spaces. Not only to their public faces rarely, if ever, represent my experience (or anything like it)... I have found that there seem to be a heck of a lot of people in these "communities" who are actually hostile towards me and all others like me. They are quick to judge and qualify any comment that applies to transitioning transsexual men, or stealth status, or normal masculinity.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Violence against transwomen of color
Two incredibly awful stories recently about young Latina transwomen and their run-ins with the U.S. criminal "justice" system

Building Solidarity with Victims of Anti-Trans Violence
Excerpt: There are many political issues intertwined in these stories. Reproductive rights activists are often first to understand the connection between gender identity and violence. Advocates for abortion rights often cite violence against women among the social problems that limit the choices women can make about their lives and bodies. These are perennial issues for women's rights advocates, but broadening our view to include queer and trans people has proven difficult for many.

Transgender Freaks Attack Researcher For Finding They Are Sex Fiends, Not "Trapped In A Woman's Body"
In academic feuds, as in war, there is no telling how far people will go once the shooting starts. Earlier this month, members of the International Academy of Sex Research, gathering for their annual meeting in Vancouver, informally discussed one of the most contentious and personal social science controversies in recent memory.
[Blog/Commentary] Discussion Impossible - Transgender Sexuality
His name is J. Michael Bailey <http://www.psych. northwestern. edu/psych/ people/faculty/ bailey/>, and he is a psychologist at Northwestern University. What makes Dr. Bailey remarkable is a recent book he wrote entitled The Man Who Would Be Queen <http://tinyurl. com/yp5cfs>. A study about transgender psychology and an explanation of sexual biology, the book proposes that some men who wish to become women are, according to Dr. Bailey, spurred on by an erotic fantasy of seeing themselves as women. This is clearly much different than the alternate approach, which states that men who feel themselves truly to be women are instead victims of a mistaken biology.
[Blog/Commentary] Politically damaging opinions in the Word of God...
Excerpt: And third, on the matter of how far these gentle people are prepared to go in silencing those who are politically dangerous, an LA "transgender advocate and consultant" named Andrea James "downloaded images from Dr. Bailey's Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided." (James defended her actions by saying that) Dr. Bailey's work exploited vulnerable people, especially children, and that her response echoed his disrespect." ... Utterly, utterly despicable. May God judge her for this sin against the precious little ones.
[ANALYSIS] An Attempt to Pull a ‘Scholarly’ Fast One Against Transsexual Women


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