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terça-feira, agosto 14, 2007

Trannie Central: The London Annual Transfabulous Festival: Part One
Less than a month after attending and participating in The Netherlands Transgender Film Festival <http://www.huffingt kate-bornstein/ neithernor- space-across-_b_59101.html> , I found myself jetting off to London to attend and participate in something called The Transfabulous Festival 07 <http://www.transfab uk/Festival07/ festival07. html> . The experience was life-changing for me -- and at my advanced age of just over 59 years, it takes a lot to change things around.

[New Zealand]
Transgender Awareness Day 15 August 2007
In August 1966, at an all night café called Comptons, in the city of San Francisco, transgendered people for the first time fought back against the harassment, abuse and discrimination heaped on then by the wider community and specifically the local Police.

Ottawa joins trans rights gauntlet
Where human rights are concerned, it is helpful when there's clear-cut, no-nonsense wording in the law that protects those who are oppressed. That's one of the guiding principles behind the Trans Human Rights Campaign (THRC), which was recently launched in Toronto and has spread to Ottawa.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Transgender What?
Sometimes headlines and story titles make me laugh.
On the cover of a magazine, a weekly with a conservative bent I saw, printed with very large letters, The Mystery of Gender.
I chuckled. The statement seemed so out of place. The magazine is known as one of the heralds of conservatism and I do not imagine conservative adults sensing mystery in gender. My sense of conservative gender awareness is more to the tune of:
--I am a man. You are a woman.
I make more money and have final say.
But I recognize you are a person too,
Especially on election day.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Boston Globe Pushing "Transgender Rights" -- Again
The Boston Globe is not only in the tank with the radical homosexuals. It is also proving its total commitment to the transgender/ transsexual extremist movement. It's working hand in hand with the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition <
http://www.masstpc. org/tp/> and GLAD <http://www.glad. org/rights/ transgender. shtml> (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders), laying the groundwork for dangerous new legislation through a desensitization campaign.

Transgender woman reflects on life changes
Robbie Cohn, 56, has decided she will no longer pretend to be someone she is not.
"After the genie was out of the bottle, I told myself that I would never live in denial ever again," said Cohn, who was born a man but has been living for 4 1/2 years as a transgender woman.
"I don't deny the fact that I'm transgender. By the same token, I don't wear a T-shirt that says, 'kiss me, I'm trans.' I don't have it tattooed on my forehead."