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domingo, agosto 12, 2007

Should sex-change men called Miss?
A deputy minister Saturday called for "consideration of all sides of the argument" when draft legislation allowing men who have undergone sex-change operations to use female titles is debated.

Detained immigrant with AIDS dies, family says denied treatment
Excerpt: Arrelano, a transgender person who went by the name Victoria, had been deported to Mexico in 2003. Arrelano was in detention since mid-May pending an immigration hearing to determine whether she would again be returned to Mexico.
Lawsuit: AIDS detainee denied medical care
A transgender AIDS patient died shackled to a bed and ignored by workers in a California detention center for illegal immigrants, a lawsuit charges.

[CA, USA] [News/Commentary]
Abused transgender parolee sues prison
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is in the hot seat these days: its health-care management is under federal receivership and a panel of judges just promised to begin reviewing prisoner release options due to dangerously overcrowded conditions. Even though her trial ended today with a hung jury, a courageous lawsuit by Alexis Giraldo, a Puerto Rican transgender woman prisoner, increased that heat by exposing the daily rape, sexual abuse and inhumane treatment of transgender, gender variant and intersex prisoners in this state.

Leaders of the fight for justice for transgender prisoners gather outside the courthouse on July 30. Left to right: Alexis Giraldo, Ms. Major and Kelani.
WW photo: Judy Greenspan

[AZ,USA] [Letter to the editor]
Discrimination against transgendered
Excerpt: His female customers need to get over their ignorance and realize that these particular transgendered people are simply other women in the restroom with them. Denying them entrance into his bar is simply allowing the ignorance and fear to continue.