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terça-feira, agosto 07, 2007

Breast Cancer Incidence Linked to Hormone Therapy and Mammography Use
Trends in breast cancer incidence parallel the patterns of mammography screening and use of menopausal hormone therapy, according to a report in the August 1 Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

'Cuerpos desobedientes', la diferencia entre ser transexual o travesti
Una confusión muy habitual en las sociedades occidentales, que genera un gran número de mitos y malentendidos, es la diferencia entre transexual y travesti.
Con el título, 'Cuerpos desobedientes' , el programa de reportajes de La 2, 'Documentos TV', intenta explicar estas dos realidades cuya principal diferencia radica en la identidad sexual.

[Malaysia] [News/Commentary]
Let transsexuals be themselves
Something must be done urgently to tackle the issue of transsexuals and transvestites who are continuously being harassed by the authorities.

[USA] [Blog]
Trying to reconcile the spiritual with the transsexual
My friends who know me know that I am a fundamental Christian who is trying to reconcile being trans with the spiritual. How can I be a Christian and be trans? I didn't make the choice to be trans, God in his sovereignty did and some people consider it a dilemma. I don't!

[CA,USA] [Blog Commentary]
Is The New Transsexual Police Commissioner In San Francisco The Right Woman For The Job?
You know, I'm not really sure just how I feel about this.
And no, no, I do not give a big fat rat's behind whether or not Theresa Sparks - who was born male, was married and divorced with three children, served in the Army and is a Vietnam vet, etc., etc., - somewhere. Sometime, somehow decided that he wanted to be a she. And did so. Everyone needs a goal after all. I'm not ambiguous about that at all. I don't care.