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sexta-feira, agosto 03, 2007

Transsexual Killed In Rome; One Arrested One Wanted
Two people are suspected of killing the 35-year-old transsexual Stefania Coppi two days ago in Parioli.

Trans protection in goods and services moves forward
The Northern Ireland government intends to make it illegal to discriminate against transsexual people trying to access goods and services, according to a consultation document.

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My trans mission
There can be no doubt that transsexual people are often targets for abuse and cruelty. Good liberals should find this appalling, and add our voices to those within the transgender rights movement, calling for an end to discrimination towards this community. However, for many years I have felt uncomfortable accepting a diagnosis created by reactionary psychiatrists in the 1950s which claims that it is possible to be born "trapped in the wrong body".

Tussle over tax deduction continues
A psychiatrist testifying as an expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) questioned the judgment of his colleagues who recommended sex-reassignment surgery for Rhiannon O'Donnabhain, who is suing the IRS for the right to deduct the cost of the surgery from her taxes. But one of O'Donnabhain' s lawyers, Bennett Klein of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), questioned the psychiatrist' s qualifications to determine O'Donnabhain' s treatment needs, as U.S. Tax Court Judge Joseph H. Gale heard a third day of testimony in the case on July 26.

East Bay hosts trans health care forum
City and state officials gathered with activists, health care providers, and community members for the East Bay's first transgender health care forum July 25. The two-hour town hall meeting took place at the Elihu Harris State building in downtown Oakland, with a goal of starting a dialogue about the need for organized, comprehensive health care services for transgender people in their communities.