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segunda-feira, julho 30, 2007

New possibilities
Effeminate boys who revel in their transgender mannerisms end up in a nowhere space of sexual abuse and bleak future. An NGO in West Bengal is giving them hope by training them in alternative means of livelihood.

Treat transgendered with dignity, Chidambaram urges people
Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Saturday appealed to the people to treat the marginalised sections, including the transgendered, with dignity, as they were also citizens of the country.

FOR years, Ms Leono Lo knew it was not going to be easy. Asking to be accepted on a personal and human level is in sync with Singapore's vision of an all-inclusive society. But somehow things are different for a sex-change individual.
Photo: Once she was Leonard, now she's Leona: Leonard (above) in a 1990 picture taken with the late Mr David Marshall, lawyer, politician and Singapore's one-time ambassador to France. Now, as Leona (below), she is a happy and confident woman.

Judy Forster & family talk about the impact of life in politics
Excerpt: Shayne is the second of Judy's two children. The 21-year-old, who used to go by the name Katherine, has been undergoing gender reassignment for the past year and a half. ..."He's always felt he's been a male in a female's body," Judy says. "Lately I've noticed a whole transformation in his personality because he really feels this is who he is... He's confident and I'm really proud of him - he's incredibly courageous."

Hate Crimes on Wikipedia: Nizah Morris
The Nizah Morris entry on Wikipedia has been nominated to appear on the front page under "Do You Know?".