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sábado, julho 21, 2007

Morreu mulher que foi general
Maria Teresinha Gomes, que durante 18 anos se fez passar por general Tito Paixão Gomes, foi encontrada morta na sua casa, em Carambancha de Cima, Alenquer. No início do mês, o seu corpo, já em avançado estado de decomposição, foi descoberto pela família. Depois de conhecer o resultado da autópsia, que aponta para morte por causas naturais, a PJ descartou a possibilidade de homicídio.
Portugal's cross-dressing 'general' dies after 20 years as a man
The protagonist of one of Portugal's most gripping courtroom dramas has died after almost 20 years in which she fooled everyone, including her live-in companion, that she was actually a male army general.

Transsexual Shumail Raj seeking illegal ways to escape abroad
Transsexual Shumail Raja and Shahzina are seeking illegal ways to escape from the country after the Supreme Court has acquitted them. The marriage between Shumail and Shahzina proved to be same-sex, but they did not qualify to be punished under section 377 of the PPC (unnatural act) .

Transgender Lawsuit v. MTA Goes Forward
Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Sylvia Hinds-Radix denied a motion July 11 to dismiss a lawsuit versus the Transit Authority and one of its workers over the harassment of Tracy Bumpus, a transgendered woman who is a case manager at Housing Works, the AIDS services group.

Discrimination surprised bar patron
Michele de LaFreniere, the transgender woman who filed a complaint against a Scottsdale nightclub that refused her admittance, said she is used to being stared at but is not used to discrimination.