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terça-feira, julho 10, 2007

Breast enlargements in just over an hour!
Women in the UK could be getting breast enlargements in their lunch time as soon as 2008, reports Lisa Melton in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the Society of Chemical Industry.

Cuba surpasses world on same-sex, trans rights
The Communist Party of Cuba has welcomed an update of the revolutionary Family Code to include same-sex and trans rights, reported National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) Director Mariela Castro Espín at the 5th International Culture and Development Congress held in Havana on June 11-14.

Transgender Singer Makes Statement
Lucas Silveira wears his heart on his tattoo sleeve.
The frontman of Toronto rock band The Cliks bares a turbulent tapestry on his arm: a dragon leaping through flames and waves, two guns bearing wide wings, and the word "Survivor."

[USA] [Books]
San Francisco stories
Excerpt: The transsexual Anna [Madrigal] (whose name is an anagram of "a man and a girl") was in some ways the central consciousness of the series, but in its finale, that role devolves upon Michael, who is also the novel's narrator.

Trouble At Delaware Psychiatric Center
Excerpt: "After nine years there I walked away with significant emotional scars," Hurst said. "It was so homophobic. I watched people abuse homosexuals and transgenders there. Because I advocated for them, I paid. It was the worst part of my life."

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National Statistics on Transgender Unemployment
Richard Juang, a respected scholar and activist, has posted some national statistics on transgender discrimination. He cites studies showing a 35% unemployment rate and 60% earning less than $15,300, as well as high rates of workplace termination, denial of employment and harassment. It's interesting to compare these to the statistics in the general US population.