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sábado, junho 30, 2007

Imputados cuatro policías locales por vejaciones a un transexual
El Juzgado de Instrucción número 21 de Barcelona ha citado a declarar como imputados a cuatro agentes de la Guardia Urbana - entre ellos, una mujer - por presuntos malos tratos y vejaciones a un transexual. Los hechos ocurrieron el pasado 10 de octubre en una céntrica plaza de Barcelona, después de que los municipales detuvieran a Maro Díaz, de 30 años, por sospechar que escondía droga en los pantalones.

Man charged over 1997 murder of prostitute
A MAN has been charged with the murder of a transsexual prostitute ten years ago, police said last night.
Man accused of transsexual murder
A 41-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a transsexual prostitute more than 10 years ago.

The day Rhodri became Miranda
A former Guardsman tells Peter Stanford how a sex-change operation drove away her children and friends.
Photo: Former Guardsman Miranda Ponsonby: 'People whom for 30 years I considered my friends, they think I am a lunatic'

SC orders for release on bail two girls involved in same sex marriage
Supreme Court has suspended 3-year punishment awarded by Lahore High Court to two girls Shumail Raj and Shazia Tariq on their involvement in same sex marriage and issued orders for their release on bail against surety bonds of Rs 50000 each besides admitting their appeal for regular hearing.
‘She-couple’ gets bail
The Supreme Court on Thursday released on bail a married couple who were jailed for three years after it emerged that one of them was a transsexual, their lawyer said.

[New Zealand] [Commentary]
Joy Liddicoat: Transgenders make plea for acceptance
How Noel became Noeleena, the story of the 60-year-old married builder who had gender reassignment surgery, is at heart about how important it is to assert our true identity.

28% suffer anti-LGBT bias on job
Izza Lopez was excited about her new job at Houston-based medical company River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic. Her interview had gone great, and they told her that she had the position. All she had to do now was fill out the standard paperwork.
That's when it all went wrong.
Upon finding out that Izza was a transgender woman, the company refused to hire her, saying that she misrepresented herself as female.

Men who attacked Lowell transwoman indicted
A Middlesex grand jury indicted the three men arrested for allegedly assaulting a transwoman in Lowell in the early morning hours of June 2 on charges of constitutional rights violations and assault and battery for the purpose of intimidation due to sexual orientation. The men, Jules Ruggs, Jeffrey Buchannan and Jonathan Artis, all age 19 and all of Lowell, will be arraigned in Lowell Superior Court on July 25.