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segunda-feira, junho 25, 2007

Marcha do orgulho LGBT em Lisboa
Uma reportagem em vídeo, sobre a marcha, que eu pessoalmente considero extremamente tendenciosa. Isto porque na reportagem TODA só se fala nos direitos LG. Nem uma palavra sobre os B e quanto aos T até se deram ao trabalho de excluir essa parte no início, na leitura do manifesto. Isto quando se fala, e em comparação com outros anos, bastante nas pessoas T no dito manifesto. Parece uma reportagem feita pelos nossos media, que tocam TODOS pela mesma pauta, a população Transgénero existe somente para dar o nome, quanto a direitos, nepias. A título de curiosidade, aqui fica o link...
Fotos da marcha
Dois links para algumas fotos da marcha...

‘She’ couple’s sexual status being found
A final psychoanalysis would determine Shumail Raj and Shahzina Tariq’s (same-sex couple) current mental status in terms of sexuality, said official sources of the Health Department on Saturday.

[Latin America]
Gay, bisexual groups report abuses at OAS meeting
The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) aired concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Guyanese at 37th session of the General Assembly of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and at a parallel event held days earlier. According to a press release, from SASOD, in 2006 Global Rights, Mulabi-Latin American space for Sexualities and Rights, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission started a joint effort to promote a higher level of participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, transvestite and intersex (LGBTTTI) activists within the OAS using as a catalyst the draft Inter-American Convention Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance, proposed by Brazil, that already included the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Hundreds of thousands flock to T.O. Pride Parade
Pride Toronto's 27th annual celebration climaxed Sunday with a vibrant Pride Parade.

Outwords Q&A: Christine Daniels
Excerpt: In her own words, here's Christine talking about her transition.

Update on Transgender Employment Issues
So many interesting things have happened in the last month on transgender employment issues, I'm going to make a list. The most important news is about the signing of legislation in Iowa, Vermont, Colorado and Oregon. But not all is rosy...

Gay Pride Festival Gets Political
Presidential campaign politics are going high profile during San Francisco's Gay Pride weekend. Democratic candidate and former Alaska Senator, Mike Gravel, plans on joining Elizabeth Edwards at the festivities.

Never quite male or female, it's her decision now
Houston woman born intersexual is getting the surgery she's dreamed of.