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sábado, junho 23, 2007

Documental salvadoreño gana premio en Nueva York
Érika Saca, Chiki Vásquez y Orlando Álvarez ganaron como mejor documental internacional del Festival de Cine Independiente en Nueva York 2006 con "Rosa. Historia de vida de una mujer transexual", que se exhibirá en el MARTE el próximo miércoles.

Una muestra de retratos pretende acercar los transexuales a la sociedad
Una exposición fotográfica que se inaugura hoy en el Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid pretende acercar 'con naturalidad' la transexualidad al conjunto de la sociedad a través de doce retratos realizados por otros tantos autores.

Défilé de la Gay Pride au centre-ville de Jérusalem
Des milliers de manifestants ont participé calmement jeudi au 6e défilé annuel de la communauté homo-lesbienne à Jérusalem, sous haute protection de la police qui craignait des provocations de Juifs orthodoxes et d'extrême droite.

Transexual israelí pide permiso para que su novio palestino se quede en Israel
Transexual israelí ha presentado un recurso ante el Tribunal Supremo de Israel para solicitar que el Estado le de la residencia a su novio palestino.

An identity under scrutiny
Having lived more than half his life as a man, choosing his behaviour and changing his body to show the world the man he feels himself to be, Shumail Raj is trying to be what most men want to be — an honest man.

Two arrested in Baht Bus theft on Pattaya Beach
Excerpt: The victim made an immediate complaint to Pattaya Police Station who managed to arrest two of the gang members, Khun Chootiman aged 21 and a 16 year old, both transsexuals who have a history of committing similar crimes.

Egale failing queer youth, members say
Excerpt: Now that Bill C-22 has passed through the House of Commons (it is now being debated in the Senate), Brett says upcoming issues for Egale to tackle could include Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Ontario "and, of course, gender identity being added to human rights legislation."

[USA] [Books]
Out Law: What GLBT Youth Should Know About Their Legal Rights
Lisa Keen’s Out Law is designed to give GLBT youth an accessible means to understand existing laws and how they can use these laws to protect themselves.

[NY, USA] [Letters To Editor]
Where's The Push On Gender Rights?
In all the excitement of the last few weeks about the marriage equality bill in Albany, the long quest by transgender people for statutory civil rights protection appears nearly forgotten - by our legislative leaders, our top advocacy groups, and even the LGBT media.

First U.S. Social Forum includes sexual identity rights
Three days after Atlanta Pride ends, thousands of community organizers and activists arrive in the city for the first U.S. Social Forum that will tackle social and economic justice issues including rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Local transgender student receives national award
The Colin Higgins Foundation recently presented a Youth Courage Award to a local transgender woman who has been through an extraordinary amount of adversity.