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quarta-feira, julho 04, 2007

Father is now aunty
After a sex-change operation, a 50-year-old farmer, Cheng, from Damintun, a town near Shenyang, Liaoning, returned to his family and continues to live with his former wife and daughter peacefully.

Laws Affecting LGBT Lives Go Into Effect In Three States
Laws involving the rights of gays, lesbians and transsexuals went into effect July 1 in Iowa, Vermont and Colorado.

American Medical Association to protect trans people
The organisation that represents doctors in the USA has voted to amend its non-discrimination policies to include transgender people.

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Prison times, they have changed
Excerpt: Issues regarding transgender are not physical, but mental. No bodily ailments will overtake a person who believes they were born in the wrong body unless they are self-inflicted. ... AlthoughI do not consider this a "medical condition" by any stretch of the imagination, if a prisoner puts themself or others in some type of security risk, then by all means, administer a tranquilizer.

Sexual orientation, gender ID set to return to council vote
Inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Fort Dodge Human Rights Ordinance is necessary now that the state has added those categories to the Iowa Civil Rights Act, according to Jamie Anderson, executive director of the Fort Dodge Human Rights Commission.

Judge: Transsexual's beating not a hate crime
Excerpt: "Your anger, from your perspective and from many other people's perspective, may be justifiable anger," [Palm Beach County Juvenile Court Judge Peter] Blanc said. "But the act that you committed in that anger cannot be justified under our existing system of laws."

Tolerance, respect missing
Creating a school environment with tolerance and respect for all is difficult. Part of the concern about the school system's new lessons, which presented sexual orientation, including homosexuality and transgenderism, is that the new curriculum enforced a gay advocacy agenda by labeling any student having concern about homosexuality as homophobic.

Pride tossed out
Excerpt: "Discrimination against transgender people, or gay men and lesbians who do not conform to gender norms, has no place in New York City," said Michael Silverman, executive director of TLDEF, in a statement.