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sábado, julho 07, 2007

Asociación de Transexualidad Clínica apoya EpC

La Asociación de Transexualidad Clínica de España mostró hoy su apoyo a la asignatura de Educación para la Ciudadanía y los Derechos Humanos como mecanismo para acabar con el "acoso psicológico y moral" en las escuelas a los alumnos que pertenecen a minorías sexuales y que son "perseguidos y rechazados en numerosas ocasiones cotidianas" por su orientación e identidad sexual.

Judiciales hostigan a transexuales
Como no se había visto en mucho tiempo en la capital del estado, judiciales homofóbicos agreden a transexuales en el libramiento carretero de Tepic; afirman que a partir de la marcha del orgullo gay, las agresiones son más violentas y continuas.

Chile's Las Condes Borough Prohibits Sex Trade In Residential Areas
Excerpt: "This is a conspiracy, the sex workers and transsexuals have homes of our own, we have rights, and they cannot restrict our work," said [Trade Union Sex Workers President Marcia] Poblete. "The fines are going to accumulate, but we're not going to pay."

Florida Teen Guilty in Transsexual Assault, But Not of Hate Crime
A 17-year-old man who brutally beat a transsexual, 39, after discovering during sex that she had a penis was convicted of aggravated battery in Palm Beach County Juvenile Court, but not of a hate crime, the Miami Herald reported. Names of victim and perpetrator are being withheld.

Dignity for All: Transgender Activist Fights for Safe Schools
Asian American transgender activist Pauline Park considers the push for gender-neutral pronouns in the U.S. "profoundly ahistorical. "
"Gender-neutral pronouns are not native to the English language," she argues. "And-unlike in Chinese, for example-[they] feel extremely artificial to speakers of English. And that is why I do not think artificial gender-neutral pronouns such as zie and hir will ever come into general use. Instead. I believe the way forward is to challenge the rigid use of pronouns based on sex assigned at birth."

Women on the Verge
WE tv stopped showing "Dharma & Greg" reruns the other night long enough to air "Cruel & Unusual," the groundbreaking and award-winning documentary that chronicles the lives of five transgender women incarcerated in men's prisons across the United States. A moving and frequently horrifying piece of work, the film not only raises awareness about the abuse, isolation and poor medical care faced by transgender prisoners, it puts a face on the problem. (All of the women have been on hormones for many years but are pre-operative. As one official put it, the prison into which a person is placed is based on genitals, not gender identity.)