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sexta-feira, julho 06, 2007

Asturias estudia un convenio con Andalucía para las operaciones de transexuales
El Gobierno del Principado de Asturias estudia firmar un convenio con la Junta de Andalucía para que los transexuales asturianos que así lo deseen puedan operarse en dicha comunidad. Lo anunció ayer José Ramón Riera, director general de Organización de Prestaciones Sanitarias, quien recordó que Andalucía es una de las cuatro comunidades de nuestro país en las que la sanidad pública cubre las operaciones de cambio de sexo.

Camino de la transición
La unidad del San Agustín asiste al transexual a través de un programa interdisciplinario desde el diagnóstico hasta la recomendación quirúrgica.

Jail Inmate Takes Sex-change Fight To High Court
A Career criminal claims that prison authorities are violating his human rights by not allowing him to pursue his desire to become a woman.

Transgenders help flood-affected villagers in Gujarat
A group of transgenders has taken the lead in providing relief to thousands of flood-affected people in about eight villages of Junagadh district of Gujarat.

Sex reconstruction surgery postponed
The sex reconstruction surgery proposed to be performed for the first time in the country on eight transgenders at a government hospital here on Thursday has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of adequate facilities.

Novotel will apologise to transvestite
After a week-long boycott campaign by gay networks, Novotel Siam Square will today formally apologise to Sutthirat Simsiri-wong, a transvestite who was barred entry to a nightclub at the hotel two weeks ago.
Novotel Apologizes To Thai Trans Woman
Faced with the threat of an international boycott of its hotels, the Bangkok Novotel on Thursday apologized to a transsexual who was barred from its nightclub.

[New Zealand]
Carmen hospitalised but out of danger
Wellington transsexual icon Carmen, now resident in Sydney, has been rushed to hospital after collapsing from a diabetic attack.

La presidenta de TravesNavia, Juana Iris Rubio, es una de las mujeres transgéneros que pidió ante la Corte se Apelaciones su cambio de nombre y sexo. En este humano, simple y profundo relato, ella cuenta parte de su vida, la misma que justifica su demanda legal.

Valparaíso tuvo su primera marcha. En Santiago, la Plaza de Armas se vistió de fiesta con transformismo, teatro y danza que cautivó a unas cinco mil personas, mientras que en la Plaza de la Constitución parejas homosexuales se besaron. Los festejos criollos traspasaron las fronteras, pues se extendieron hasta el Europride en Madrid.

[NY,USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Change after marriage could be immoral
Sylvia Honig (letter, June 30) states that homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, etc., want fair and equal treatment under the law.
Males and females who cannot function as biological males and females are, to put it bluntly, dysfunctional. If they knew they were in this condition before marriage, they had no right to get married to an unknowing partner. Such a marriage could be annulled.

[MA,USA] [News/Commentary]
Victim of Lowell attack is a she, not a he
Last week, three Lowell men were indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury for allegedly assaulting a transwoman as she walked home from a bar around 2:45 a.m. on June 2. In announcing the indictment, Middlesex County District Attorney Gerald Leone's office identified the victim as a man who had been attacked because of "his sexual orientation. " Later, in the press release, the victim is described as someone "who considers himself a transsexual. "

City provides new trans services
San Francisco is taking the initiative and providing new services to transgender individuals.

City budget bodes well for LGBTs
Excerpt: Dufty also secured $150,000 to transition several transgender programs now overseen by the University of California at San Francisco to the city's Department of Public Health. Health officials are expected to look for a local nonprofit to take over the programs, which faced closure after UCSF fired the researcher overseeing the projects and declined to seek federal funding to maintain them.

Transgender Inmate Settles Civil Rights Suit with OC
John Doe, a 2005 inmate of the Orange County Jail, today successfully settled a civil rights suit against the County resulting in significant policy changes and a settlement sum of close to $50,000. Doe, represented by San Diego law firm Stock Stephens, LLP and the Transgender Law Center (TLC), alleged denial of medical care and gender identity harassment in the suit. The resulting policy changes will formalize policies regarding provision of hormones to transgender inmates and training for medical and corrections staff.