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quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007

2.ª Marcha de Orgulho Lésbico, Gay, Bissexual e Transgénero no Porto

Legal opinion: Single Equality Act retains inequalities
Excerpt: There are many anomalies ... Neither discrimination on the basis of perception nor association are unlawful in relation to disability, sex or gender reassignment.

Bride again vows to live with 'groom': Same-sex marriage
Shahzina Tariq has reiterated her stance to spend life with Shumail Raj (a transsexual person and bridegroom)despite all hardships both have been facing after a court trial.

[New Zealand]
LGBT leaders met at busy UniQ conference
Excerpt: [UniQ Auckland co-president David] Do says he also learned a lot at the transgender section of the conference. "It was powerful the way the speakers shared their own stories of gender transition. That was particularly valuable."

Aurora's Star Shines Brighter Than Ever
Excerpt: A highlight of the event was guest speaker Georgina Beyer, who travelled from New Zealand especially for the annual dinner. Beyer is known for being the world's first transsexual elected as a mayor and as a member of parliament. She delivered a rallying, stirring speech about the importance of community and the need to "be who we are".