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quinta-feira, julho 12, 2007

HC orders compensation, action in transgender's suicide case
Madras High Court today asked the Tamil Nadu Goverment to pay a compensation of Rs five lakh to the petitioner in a case in which a transgender committed suicide after he was harassed by the police and directed discipilnary action against the erring officials.

More than 1 million at Europride Pride celebrated worldwide
The annual Europride parade, held this year in Madrid, saw a turnout of more than 1 million people June 30.

FEATURE Follow-Up: More Info for Gender Variant Children and TheirParents
this week's cover feature by Lauren Smiley ("Girl/Boy Interrupted --A New Treatment For Transgender Kids Puts Puberty On Hold So That They Won't Develop Into Their Biological Sex"), parents with gender variant children can access a growing number of resources:

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Murder Should Not Buy A Sex-Change At Taxpayer Expense
I am against prison inmates being provided sex change operations at taxpayer expense. I couldn't possibly be more against it, even if I were asked to do the surgery myself.

Transgender inmate sues state for hormone therapy
An Idaho inmate who considers herself a woman trapped in a man's body -- and who castrated herself while in prison -- is suing the state to get female hormone therapy for gender identity disorder.