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segunda-feira, julho 23, 2007

Transgendered; A look at the lives of two individuals who have a strong desire to become members of the opposite sex
Photo: Vincent Bolt (left) has been living as a boy for four years and dating Megan Miller (right) for the same time. Born Veronica, the 18-year-old has longed to be male since kindergarden. ; Both Vincent Bolt and Starr Danyals were referred to the gender identity clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, formerly the Clarke Institute in Toronto.; Vincent Bolt has been living as a boy for almost four years. Born Veronica Bolt, the18-year-old attends Sudbury Secondary School.; Starr Danyals came out as a woman early this year. She wants to pursue sexual reassignment surgery, starting with hormone therapy. Danyals said it's a daily struggle being a transgendered person in Sudbury. She started a transgendered support group a few weeks ago.

Why Hate Shouldn't Be a Crime
Excerpt: I am against hate crimes, but I also am against hate crime laws for three reasons. First, they criminalize thought, not behavior. Second, they do not protect individuals, but rather select classes of people. Third, they actually encourage hostility towards one group of people, Christians.

Transgenders Criticize LGB Choice of Film for Festival
This Saturday, July 21, Outfest is showing the controversial new film, GENDERCATOR at the Village, 1125 N. McCaden Pl, Hollywood, @ 6 pm. It has been labeled alarmingly transphobic (towards trans men) by many, and was even pulled from San Francisco's film festival, Frameline.