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domingo, agosto 05, 2007

Most of Sex Change Operations Are Harmful or Disappointing - Social rejection and no sex
Some men do not feel men enough. Others love men. And some others feel like a woman. And there are women that feel like a man, too. Many of those who have been through sex change operations claim it was the only solution to a stressful condition. But others disagree.
"I should never have had sex change surgery," Claudia MacLean, a transsexual woman told the audience at a recent debate organized by the BBC Radio 4 programme Hecklers and the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
"As a result of the surgery, I am incapable of sex and I have lived a life apart."

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Male-to-female transgendered people
Transgender adults are not a new theory or issues in society. The fact of sex change operations and the rights of individuals that identify with the opposite sex, however is a new battle today. In past years individuals that were labeled one gender, but felt they belonged to the opposite gender were shunned and regarded as weird or abnormal. It is only recently that a term has been assigned, Gender Identity Disorder.

GLBT rights activist pulls back on the `T'
For one, she's a lesbian whose law practice almost exclusively represents gay clients. She spearheaded groundbreaking ordinances in Broward County to protect gay rights and allow same-sex couples to register as domestic partners. When the only county commissioner who voted against both ordinances, John Rodstrom, received an award from the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Fort Lauderdale, she staged a one-woman walkout.
In other words, she has devoted her life and career to sticking it to the you know who.
But now Bodiford finds herself in the most unlikeliest of roles. As a small but strident band of activists lobbies to add legal protections for transgender people to the county ordinance, Bodiford is pulling back.

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Must-Watch Video of Trans Professor
Watch this most informative video interview <http://www.cbc. ca/sunday/ 2007/04/042207_ 4.html> with a "trans"professor of gender at York University in Toronto. This is what is coming our way -- just one version of "gender expression" that will be let loose by the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill <http://tinyurl. com/2h2efk> the homosexual/trans lobby is gearing up to pass this year (H1722).

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Time to give transgenders rights, not ridicule
Excerpt: Cummings, 43, has taught me a lot about gender dysphoria and transsexuals over the past year. As gender identity has come up in the headlines - a Largo city manager was fired after he announced his transition to Susan, a Los Angeles Times sportswriter I used to drink beers with at the Olympics caused a stir when he became Christine - Mark gave me a first-hand account of the desperation that led them there.