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segunda-feira, agosto 13, 2007

Transgender fights all odds to become 'top grade' artiste
When Bharat Natyam exponent Narthaki Nataraj completes yet another enthralling performance, the elite audience in the prestigious 'Narada Gana Sabha' here gives her a standing ovation -- not a mean achievement for a transgender ostracised and ridiculed by the society.

Thailand considers law allowing transsexual to claim title of adopted gender
Thailand, one of the world's most tolerant countries toward transvestites and transsexuals, is considering a law to allow people who have had a sex change to officially change their title, reports said Sunday.

[FL,USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Transgendered need anti-bias protection
As a senior who visits the Fort Lauderdale -West Palm Beach area several times a year to visit my children, grandchildren and friends, I was surprised to read about a gay leader who was afraid to stand up for transgender rights for fear that gays might lose the few rights they now have.