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quarta-feira, agosto 15, 2007

Stanton stays in spotlight
The fired city manager becomes a presidential campaign issue, then appears on Larry King Live.

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The Gendercator: A Brief Analysis
After much hype and controversy I unexpectedly stumbled onto an impromptu screening of Catherine Crouch's The Gendercator tonight. The film's a disjointed, shitty mess. I was honestly more affronted as a student of film than as a transgender woman. The threadbare narrative was very unfocused. If she truly wanted to get her message of trans-invalidity to a viewer unfamiliar with the history of the politics at work she needed to flesh out her presented concepts significantly. Hate film doesn't have to be horrible film. Film study has taught me that the most unredeemable ideology can be attributed to great cinema, like Griffifth's Birth of a Nation, Riefenstahl' s Triumph of the Will and Jacopetti/Prosperi' s Africa Addio.