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sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2007

Diversidades sexuales transitadas
Con motivo del 1er. Foro sobre Transgenerismo y el 1er. Encuentro Nacional de los y las Transgeneristas en Colombia: "Cuerpos Transgresores- Cuerpos Transéroticos", realizado en Bogotá 17 al 20 de agosto del 2007, Manuel Velandia comparte con los/las, les lectoras/es de AG Magazine su reflexión con relación a las identidades sexuales haciendo énfasis en las identidades trans, motivo de discusión por los/las, les participantes en el citado evento.

Buenos Aires Transvestites Push Neighbors to Share Rose Garden
Transvestite prostitutes working one of Buenos Aires's toniest neighborhoods are squaring off against wealthy residents who say they shouldn't ply their trade in a public park where children romp.

Polémica en Ushuaia porque un profesor travesti dicta clases
Está inscripto como hombre. Enseña Historia y Cívica en tres colegios secundarios públicos. Algunos padres se quejaron porque no les avisaron. Los directivos dicen que accedió por puntos y que es "irreprochable" .
La noticia de que un travesti ejerce como docente en tres colegios secundarios públicos de Ushuaia desató ayer una polémica entre los consideran que esa información debe ser o no puesta en conocimiento de los padres y alumnos.

Same-Sex Wedding or Birthday Party?
Excerpt: Both Sadiq and Musa were among the 18 suspected homosexuals arraigned penultimate week before the court and charged with what the Police First Information Report (FIR) titled "Idle Persons and Vagabonds," described as "dressed in women's fashion practising sodomy as their profession thereby committing an offence contrary to section 372, subsection 2(E) of Bauchi State Shari'ah Penal Code Law, suggested 2001."

Activists Warn: Increase in Police Torture
Excerpt: Transsexual Esmeray has claimed that she was beaten in front of the Beyoglu Police Station on 5 June.

[New Zealand]
Beyer exits mayoral race
Georgina Beyer has pulled out of the Carterton mayoral race, saying it is time to move on from politics.
Mayoral race: 'Willie & JT' in, Beyer out
Radio Live talkback hosts and former MPs Willie Jackson and John Tamihere have announced they will stand in the upcoming mayoral elections, but former Rainbow Labour MP Georgina Beyer says she's pulled out of the Carterton mayoral race.

Williamstown candidate husband's sex swap
GREENS candidate for Williamstown Janet Rice has told of her husband's decision to become a woman.
Cr Rice last night confirmed her partner's male-to-female gender transition after 17 years of marriage.

Julia Serano's incredibly original text - equal parts essay, memoir, manifesto, study in etymology and critique of mass media - examines how our culture's disdain for femininity directly informs our view of trans women.
Serano's background as a biologist, performer and transsexual activist makes Whipping Girl insightful, in-depth and multi-faceted. It combines the readability of a memoir, the humorous sass of the best spoken word rant and a thorough, even-handed analysis of biology versus socialization not found in most gender studies books.

[USA] [News/Television]
Brad's transexual TV drama
Brad Pitt is making his first foray into TV by producing a transsexual drama.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Academics, Transsexuals Try to Ruin Psychology Prof Over Book on Transexualism
Vehemently object to book's explanation that transsexual desires based on "idea of being a woman"

Answers sought in pos detainee's death
As immigration emerges as an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, the death last month of a Mexican transgender woman in federal custody has sparked outrage among LGBT and immigrant activists.

Transgender candidate pursues Tempe top spot
Tempe officials have long talked the proverbial talk when it comes to being a progressive city. Now, they are being asked to take steps along that proverbial walk as the City Council chooses a new manager.

Bi social club bars some trans women
The Chasing Amy Social Club came under attack last month after its anti-transgender membership policy was revealed on a trans woman's blog.

Taking His Clothes Off Gains Trans Artist Prestigious Award
"I love to see peoples' faces when I take off my clothes," says performance artist Scott Turner Schofield about disrobing on stage. Schofield, who receives testosterone treatments but hasn't undergone gender reassignment surgeries, says, "When I take off my clothes. I go from being this cute young man to an adult female to both of those things and more. To me it's this moment of beholding a human body that contains so many complexities that really drives it home."

Anderson's Invites Transgender Band To Play
KTAR uncovered an interesting twist in the case of the Scottsdale bar owner who's banned transgenders.
Anderson's Fifth Estate has invited Psychic TV (
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Psychic_TV) to play on Monday. Tom Anderson said he's made special bathroom arrangements for transgenders on that night only.


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