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quarta-feira, setembro 05, 2007

Transexual y funcionaria pública en Bogotá
Manuel Velandia reflexiona en exclusiva para AG Magazine sobre las ciudades, sus cambios y el nombramiento de una trans en Bogotá para dirigir un programa publico de la ciudad.

Kim Perez se solidariza con la profesora travesti de Ushuaia
La activista transexual Kim Pérez, profesora jubilada que preside la Asociación de Identidad de Género de Andalucía, ha emitido un comunicado de solidaridad con Melina Gutierrez, la profesora travesti de Ushuaia que está siendo cuestionada en su labor por algunos padres debido a su orientación sexual.

'You're a woman, because you're not a man'
Karima Tieleman's first 'conversion' was from male to female; six years later she converted to Islam. However, the acceptance she hoped to find has also proved to be sadly absent among her fellow believers. She believes it is her fate to be misunderstood and rejected for the rest of her life. Although she says she's happy with her life, she also admits that she sometimes tires of having to fight all the time.

[South Korea]
South Korean military urged to changes rules for transsexuals
The military in South Korea has been urged by the National Human Rights Commission to change its physical examination procedures to avoid shaming transsexuals.

Malaysian court annuls marriage of two women
A Malaysian court has annulled the marriage of a Muslim couple after ruling that both were women even though they lived together as husband and wife, a lawyer said Tuesday.
Malaysia's court orders same-sex marriage split
Malaysia's Islamic court has ordered a couple who have been married for five years to split up after ruling that the husband was in fact a woman, reports said on Tuesday.
Couple in same sex marriage ordered to part
Three months short of their fifth wedding anniversary, a couple has been ordered to part as the husband was actually a woman. Syariah judge Che Saufi Che Husin yesterday ordered a farak (part forever) between Mohd Sufian Mohamad, 40, and Zaiton Aziz, 43, as the marriage was not legitimate under syariah.
Photo: The marriage of Mohd Sufian Mohamad (right) and Zaiton Aziz was not legitimate.

FTM International Leaders Honored
Three San Francisco FTM International community leaders have been honored with awards at the 8th annual Gender Odyssey national conference August 31-September 3, 2007 in Seattle, Washington, states FTM International President Levi Alter.

When kids question gender
When words failed her, Deena expressed herself the old-fashioned way -- she screamed and sobbed. She was never so fluent as the morning she graduated to big-girl panties. As the 3-year-old convulsed with emotion, her mother finally understood. Deena wanted to wear boy's underwear, not panties.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Kickin' Knowledge-Transsexualism 101
I've been writing this TransGriot blog for almost three years and it just occured to me that I haven't written a post breaking down the basics of what transsexuality is (or isn't).

The road to acceptance
A hearty dose of confusion in school hallways at the start of the academic year is normal.
A hearty dose of confusion over the principal's transformed gender is, well, a little more than unusual.

Dems Need To Remember Trans Folk
Trans activist Monica F. Helms headed to the Democratic National Committee convention in Las Vegas last weekend. Here's a note from her notes <http://tinyurl. com/2kj2gj> on the noteworthy trip:

Bailey is a Liar
It is very simple to prove this. Bailey insists that he knows more about his research subjects than they do and when his research subjects do not give the answers he wants to confirm his theories, then he states they are just liars. We in OII (Oganisation Intersex International) have proved just the opposite. The person lying and deceiving the public is none other than the psychologist who is projecting his own mythomania onto others.