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segunda-feira, setembro 03, 2007

Dreger and Eugenics - The redefining of intersex as a genetic birth defect
Please note: We in the intersex community are not particularly focused on who is right or wrong about Bailey's theories on transsexualism. We are concerned about Dreger's support of a man who has supported eugenics of gay people and who is now focusing his attention on intersex people, supposedly the group of people she says she supports. If she really supports us, why has she not listened to many of us for so many years? Why would she choose to listen to someone like Bailey over us and then collaborate with him in the redefinition of intersex as a genetic birth defect? What is her agenda? It is not my agenda, that is for sure. Click on the red button above to see the type of people she is defending and all the while working to further pathologize us in the intersex community and put us in the very category they are working to eliminate from the gene pool.

Hombres admiradores de mujeres transgénero y transexuales de todo el país se reunirán en esta ciudad el 14 de septiembre, con miras a crear la primera organización nacional de esta naturaleza y visualizar las relaciones afectivas y humanas de estas personas y sus parejas.

Malaysia's Muslim transsexuals battle sex change woes
When Khartini Slamah first came out as a transsexual, he was a dutiful Muslim son by day and a prostitute by night, working on the streets of the Malaysian capital.

'Lady boy' war erupts in Thailand
Scores of teenage "lady boys" and male prostitutes have been involved in a three day "gay war" on the Thailand resort of Pattaya.

Probation In Vicious Beating Of Transsexual
A teenager who severely beat a transsexual last year in Palm Beach has been sentenced to probation.
Transwoman's attacker gets probation
A teenager who severely beat a transwoman on a Florida beach after learning she was biologically male has been sentenced to a year's probation, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Transgender Day of Remembrance - November 19, 2007
GLSEN has is a proud supporter of Gender Education & Advocacy's (GEA) Transgender Day of Remembrance, encouraging students and student clubs to remember and educate communities about ending violence based on gender identity/expression.

[MA, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
A Doctor's Impact
Excerpt: Transgender and transsexual issues aren't discussed enough, and in today's diverse world, it is important to bring such matters to the surface. I have two friends who are transitioning, and I am trying to gain some kind of perspective on their reasons for doing so without causing them embarrassment or pain. Neil Swidey's story has helped a lot.