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domingo, setembro 09, 2007

Conference debates gender issues
A group of transsexuals is holding what is thought to be the first national conference for female to male transsexuals in Bath.

He's my daughter
Appalled by how transsexuals are generally mistreated by society and even their families, the third winner of FreedomFilmFest07 hopes to change mindsets by showing how a mother's love and acceptance can make all the difference.
Photo: Despite enduring daily insults from some inconsiderate people because she’s a transsexual, Sarika, 23, is confident about her femininity.
Seeking acceptance
WHEN Sarika was forced to bow out of She's My Son because of her second sister's protests, she was furious.

Giving voice to others
INDRANI Kopal found out about FreedomFilmFest07 via a banner on a website and was immediately intrigued by its human rights angle. FreedomFilmFest, which is organised annually by Komas (Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat, a people's communications centre), gives awards to ideas for movies. Each year, it picks the best three proposals and gives the winners a RM 5,000 grant to make the documentaries.

‘I'm a woman on the move'
Excerpt: The cycling skills are a holdover from what she calls her "previous life," but the extra fat is the result of leaving that life behind. In 1996, as a man named Chris, she started taking hormones to begin the process of becoming a woman. Five years later, surgery completed the transition.

Transgendered woman felt 'degraded' after meeting cops
A transgendered woman is claiming she was "degraded" by members of the city police force when she attended Pride celebrations at Lamoureux Park over the Labour Day weekend.

Transgender men outraged over bathroom incident
Two transgender men say they're the victims of discrimination after they got kicked out of a downtown mall for allegedly using the wrong restroom.
Photo: Simon Adriane (left) and Sean Brochin

Death of trans immigrant in detention forges united protests
Olga Arellano spoke at a rally at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 27 about how her 23-year-old daughter, Victoria, died July 20 at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal detention facility in South Los Angeles.

TVC Staffers Attend ENDA Hearing
Excerpt: Passage of ENDA is a key objective of the homosexual/transgender/she-male activist movement.