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segunda-feira, setembro 10, 2007

Just a few months ago, Santhi Soundarajan was the butt of late night jokes on American television and the subject of outraged editorials in Indian newspapers as the Indian woman athlete who failed a gender test.
Photo: Santhi Soundarajan (first from left)
Santhi Soundarajan attempts suicide
Santhi Soundarajan, who was stripped of the 800m silver medal after she failed a gender test at the Doha Asian Games last year, tried to commit suicide on Wednesday morning.

This business of desire
In a world where the inequities of globalisation are often countered by a hardening conservatism, female-to-male transgenders are forced to hide their inclinations. An NGO in Bangalore offers them the chance to be themselves.

Gender changes, but a wife's love stays
JANET Rice arches forward in her seat, her eyes on high beam and her manner direct. "Absolutely," she declares when asked if she would discuss her personal life. "If you don't talk about it, it's going to be used against you."
Her eagerness to talk about her long-term partner's gender swap and its impact on her own sexuality is a little disconcerting. But keen she is.

Finally - Trans-Inclusive ENDA Debated in Senate
For well over a decade, transgender activists have worked towards federal protection for gender expression and identity in the workplace. Now, for the first time ever, trans-inclusive legislation that would enact such protections - ENDA - is being debated in the House of Representatives <http://www.hrc. org/7424. htm> .

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MSNBC and the transexuals
I was watching MS NBC's "Born in the wrong body" which featured transsexuals of both genders. It seems like MS NBC gets a kick out of emasculating men considering they have a habit of it considering they have another show called To catch a predator<http://mensrightsbo ard.blogspot. com/2007/ 03/get-pedophile s-get-rapists-or-get-men. html> as long as the predator is a man (even though we've all read shit loads of articles describing how females, especially teachers, have molested their students and some of those students are very young).

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I have no moral obligation to be "out", to engage in "trans activism", or to be "visible".
Imagine walking up to every black man you see, and asking him, "what are you doing for black people? don't you know you owe it to your forebears to advocate for black causes, to make your voice heard?" Imagine telling him exactly what he should be doing, exactly what issues he should care about.

To be a man
At age 20, Dan Foerste is going through puberty again, this time as a male. His voice is deepening, mild acne mottles his face, and he has wisps of facial hair -- all products of the testosterone injections he's been taking for the past six months.

First-ever transgender community career expo to be held during Atlanta's Southern Comfort Convention, Sept. 12-15
A week from today, on September 14, HRC will co-sponsor the first-ever career expo for the transgender community in Atlanta during the 17th annual Southern Comfort Conference <http://www.sccatl. org/> .