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quinta-feira, setembro 27, 2007

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Is Your MMOG Buddy a Transsexual?? (cue shock music: da-da-daaaaaah!)
Today in our brand new feature "Seriously, that's an issue for you? Ummm, OK, well, I'll be over here being, y'know, normal" Timothy Burke over at Terranova has a thoughtful discussion of reports that a Chinese MMOG has suspended the accounts of players whose avatars (and those readers of a genteel disposition may wish to turn away now) were not the same sex as the player!
Men banned for being women in MMO
No virtual boobies for males in King of the World. It's all gone tits-up - or "out", more aptly - for numerous Chinese blokes playing MMO King of the World, as the game's publisher has brought the axe down on in-game sex changes for men.

'Oh, the things I did!'
Lou Reed sang about her and Andy Warhol made her a superstar. As Holly Woodlawn heads for Britain, John Patterson meets a drag queen legend.

Iran: Death To Gays, Surgery For Transsexuals
While Iran criminalizes homosexuality with the penalty death, it at the same provides sex reassignment surgery for transsexuals according to a British report.

Argentine boy sex change approved
A court in the central Argentine province of Cordoba has for the first time agreed that a sex change operation can be carried out on a minor.
The case concerns a 17-year-old male called Nati who wants to be a woman.
Argentine judge grants sex change for minor
A judge in Argentina has approved the country's first sex change operation for a minor.

Appeals Court: No Special Rights for Transsexuals
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that transsexuals are not a protected class and affirmed a transportation company's decision to terminate a male bus driver for planning to use public women's restrooms during work. Under pending legislation in Congress, the outcome could have been drastically different.
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Demand of "Transsexuals" for Special Rights
A federal appeals court has issued a significant ruling saying that an employer's concern over the use of restrooms by "transsexual" employees is legitimate, according to Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Brian Raum. Raum explained further that the court ruled that "transsexuals" do not qualify as a protected class under Title VII.

US hate crimes law faces key vote in Senate
Attempts by Republican Senator and Presidential hopeful John McCain to block new legislation that would extent hate crimes to cover LGBT people will come to a head tomorrow with a crucial vote.

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EEOC releases informal discussion of transgender discrimination under Title VII
The EEOC has released a letter it recently issued in response to a public inquiry about Title VII coverage of transgender workers.