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quinta-feira, outubro 04, 2007

Transexual beauty pageant hits city
An Indian Beyonce and a transgender version of Borat from Kazakhstan were among the contestants at a beauty pageant with a difference.
More than 100 people gathered at the annual Miss Transgender event at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton to try their luck on the catwalk.

Man’s fatal injuries after sex
A MAN has been convicted of unlawfully killing a transvestite who died after having sex with him.

Manu Samoa Heads Home To PM's Fafafige Suggestion
The Manu Samoa Team have arrived home in Apia only to hear their prime minister calling for the team to be coached by a fafafige ... a transvestite.

Transgender Support Group
A transgender support group has been launched at the Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre in Surry Hills.

Abrams Wins Passport Case
Grace Abrams and Fiona Power have become the first legally recognised same-sex couple in Australia.
The Federal Government was last week forced to formally acknowledge the marriage, following a decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to grant a female passport to Abrams, a post-operative trans woman.

[FL,USA] [Commentary]
Transgenders do need protection laws
"We don't serve your kind here, get out."
"I don't rent to people like you."
"Don't even bother applying, your type isn't welcome here."
What would you do if you heard these words. Call a lawyer? Call the newspaper? Fight back? Not if you happen to be transgender, like me, because in many places that type of discrimination is completely legal. Really.

Devido à quantidade de emails que recebo sobre o Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), vou indicar só os títulos com os respectivos links.

Gay rights bill snags on blurred perceptions of identity, orientation
[Commentary] Federal Gay Rights Bill: All of Us or None of Us
HRC trans board member resigns
[Commentary] Readers' Platform: Transgender rights and wrongs
[Blog/News/Commentary] HRC Trans Quits Amid ENDA Acquiescence
[News/Commentary] Not Without Our “T”
Transgender language pulled from ENDA
[Blog/Commentary] Donna Rose on her resignation from HRC Board of Directors
[Blog/News/Commentary] ENDA: We've only just begun
ENDA Explodes

[IL, USA] [Commentary]
Dude looks (and acts) like a lady
What makes a man a man? What makes a woman a woman? Other than our obvious anatomical differences, it's really the gender role we take on that's the deciding factor.