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domingo, outubro 07, 2007

Eunuchs In Haryana To Get Monthly Allowance
Eunuchs in Haryana who are poor and socially deprived will now be entitled to a monthly allowance, a government spokesman said Friday.

[India] [Books]
Power of three
A delightful first novel about the politics of language, the body and the grammar of gender.

[FL,USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Anti-discrimination laws don't protect transgendered
The Sept. 26 editorial stating that protections exist against discrimination toward transgender individuals and are "already on the books" is far from factual and is unsupported.

Barney Frank, Gay Rights Group Spar Over Employment Non-Discrimination Act
[Press Release] 150 Organizations to Announce Launch of United ENDA, a Nationwide Campaign to Ensure Transgender Protections Remain in Employment Non-Discrimination Act
ENDA creates rift among gays
[Blog/Commentary] A trans activist responds
HRC Trans Board Member Explains Why She Resigned

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Another Stereotypical TV Transsistah
In a 2007-2008 TV season which continues last year's trend of having transgender characters, in 2007-08 we have the novel concept of a transwoman playing a transwoman.

'Hate free' talk centers on slain Newark teen's legacy
Five years ago this week, Gwen Araujo became a tragic symbol of intolerance in the heart of the supposedly tolerant Bay Area.

Vandals target queer literature at Bookshop Santa Cruz
Vandals apparently trying to make a statement against gay lifestyles damaged a half-dozen books that deal with queer topics, stole five others and peppered a section of Bookshop Santa Cruz with religious pamphlets during the past month.


  • At 12 outubro, 2007 21:27, Blogger Monica Roberts said…

    Hello Eduarda!

    Greetings from Kentucky, USA. I'm honored that you are linking to my blog.

    It's giving people in the rest of our world an opportunity to not only get a look at what's happening here in the United States as far as the transgender community is concerned, but introduce them to an African-American transperson as well.

    Thank you and God bless you and all my transgender sisters and brothers on the other side of The Pond.


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