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sábado, outubro 06, 2007

SOS Racismo denuncia terror nas escolas da margem sul do Tejo provocado por "skinheads"
Dirigentes do SOS Racismo, reunidos hoje na Tocha, Coimbra, denunciaram um clima de terror em escolas e bairros residenciais da margem sul do Tejo, imputando a responsabilidade da situação a grupos de cabeças rapadas (skinheads).

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Trans activists to picket HRC dinner
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Heterosexual cross-dressing less understood than being gay
I am 19 and I have a secret. I am a cross-dresser. I've been wearing female clothes and makeup since I was 11. Honestly, life would be easier if I was gay. When you are gay, people understand you, you fit in. But nobody understands cross-dressing.

Mother speaks out on behalf of wounded trans child
As a young transgender woman clings to life with a bullet in her head, her mother is speaking out about violence against the trans community.

Ex-Cop Convicted Of Raping Transsexual Seeks New Trial
A former San Antonio police officer sentenced to 24 years and four months in prison for the rape and beating of a transsexual woman is seeking a new trial, claiming now that he was set up.

GLAAD Condemns "Dehumanizing" Page Six New York Post Column
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation today condemned an article in News Corp.'s New York Post tabloid for a Page Six item referring to a transgender woman as "she-male."
Murdoch tabloid in trouble again over LGBT slurs
American tabloid newspaper the New York Post has been condemned by gay activists for using the term "she-male" to refer to a trans person
NY Post Apologizes for Page Six Gaffe
The New York Post's "Page Six" section, the "We Hear..." column has issued an apology today following the use of a slur in yesterday's edition and a condemnation from GLAAD.