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terça-feira, outubro 09, 2007

A woman's fight for her manhood
Zainab Abdulhafed Rabie always knew she was different, but it was only after her wedding night that she discovered she was actually a man. She speaks exclusively to RASHA AL QAHTANI about sacrificing her old life and friends to pursue her battle for acceptance and a new male identity.

The agony of Herculine Barbin...
ORGANISATION Intersex International (OII) cites AdŽla•de HerculineBarbin as one of the most famous intersex people in history.

Transgender to host TV show on Star Vijay
A transgender will host a 30-minute-long, weekly chat show on the rights of sexual minorities on Star Vijay that will feature transgenders telling the story of their lives.

Intersex anatomy 'may go unnoticed'
PEOPLE can live their entire lives with an intersex anatomy and never know it, according to the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA).

[Commentary] How did the T get in LGBT?
[Press Release] Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Urges Inclusion Of Transgender People In Federal Workplace Discrimination Bill

[Blog/News] Trans Activists Protest HRC Dinner
[Video] Transgender Protest At HRC Dinner - 06Oct2007
Trans Protesters Rock HRC Fundraising Banquet in DC
[Video] AZ Trans Alliance Protest to HRC
[Blog/News/Video] Trans Protest At HRC, Solmonese Steps Up

Stanton's firing spawns 3 of 5 charter proposals
Here's another legacy of the firing of former City Manager Steve Stanton. On Nov. 6, besides electing two city commissioners, Largo voters will consider five changes to the city charter - three of them inspired by issues that came up in the Stanton controversy.