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domingo, outubro 14, 2007

Two-year sentence for transsexual robber
A transsexual wearing a mini skirt and women's knickers who twice robbed a petrol station brandishing a large knife has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in a male prison.
(o bold e tamanho maior são meus)

Transsexual barred from namaz
Syed Rehan Firdous was not allowed to offer namaz as clerics did not permit him into the prayer room. His fault? He was a woman earlier. In June 2006, Rehana Firdous underwent a surgery and became Syed Rehan Firdous.

The beauty queens with rather surprising a-genders
This picture shows an attractive model applying some essential last-minute make-up backstage before competing in an international beauty pageant, right?
Well, not quite.
You see, this pretty in pink model is a contestant with a difference - one of the entrants in the Amazing Philippines Beauties contest... open exclusively to transvestites and transsexuals.

Transgendered Aggie tells her story
Phyllis Randolph Frye, advocate for transgender rights, shared her story of struggle as a transsexual Thursday in the Stark Galleries at Texas A&M's Memorial Student Center.

Smooth transition
Dallas Police Department's first transgender officer says she has been accepted by fellow officers, officials
Photo: Deborah Grabowski began her 18-year career with the Dallas Police Department as a man, but began living full time as a woman in 2006, with the support of her superiors. *(JOHN WRIGHT/Dallas Voice)
Dallas Police Department breaks transgender barrier
Nineteen years ago, Mike Smith attended police academy alongside Joe Grabowski.

Dear Oprah
While many of us in the transgender community are estatic that you have finally turned your formidable media spotlight on the transgender community and given some of our issues some attention, there's one thing that bothers me and many of your African-American transgender fans and our supporters.

Police continue search for 911 Morris tape
As Philadelphia police continue to search for missing 911 transmissions related to the Nizah Morris courtesy ride, a police official promised to issue a written report at the end of the search.

[WA,USA] [Blog/News]
Assault of transsexual investigated as hate crime
Seattle police believe the Thursday afternoon beating of a transsexual woman may have been a hate crime, the P-I's Levi Pulkkinen reports.

Schwarzenegger signs pro-homosexual bills
Excerpt: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law two bills requiring all public school instruction and activities to positively portray transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten.
'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California
Quote: "Shame on Schwarzenegger and the Democrat politicians for ensuring that every California school becomes a homosexual - bisexual - transsexual indoctrination center."--Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families

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