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quinta-feira, outubro 11, 2007

IU exige al Gobierno que ‘deje de marear’ al colectivo transexual y cumpla su compromiso
Izquierda Unida, a través de su Área federal de Libertad de Expresión Afectivo-Sexual (ALEAS), ha exigido al Gobierno central que "deje de mirar a otro lado y de marear" al colectivo transexual y que cumpla con su compromiso electoral de "garantizar la cobertura sanitaria pública del tratamiento integral de reasignación de sexo dentro de las prestaciones del Sistema Nacional de Salud".

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Phantom genitals hint at gender in the brain
Similar to the phantom limb syndrome, the sensation of a 'phantom penis' in post-operative heterosexual and transsexual men is providing insights into the how gender-specific body images are hard-wired at birth.

Transgender inmate's suit against state proceeds
A federal judge has declined to dismiss the lawsuit of an inmate who claims the Idaho Department of Correction is failing to treat her for gender identity disorder.

Sexual Stereotypes, Civil Rights and a Suit About Both
Excerpt: A 2002 amendment to the city's human rights law protects the rights of city residents whose gender expression is different from their sex at birth. The state's civil rights law does not include a similar protection. But the defense fund argues that it should be interpreted as protecting New Yorkers against sexual stereotyping, in which people are expected to conform to gender-appropriate behavior.

Tranny Regret
For the first time since he packed Michelle's things away, Michael Berke tugs the cord of the attic door above his garage. Surrounding him in the suburban Delray Beach garage are power tools, bicycles, sandpaper, and a lawn mower, though Berke's prized possession — a Harley — is in the shop at the moment.

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