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quarta-feira, outubro 24, 2007

More sex change ops for Norfolk
The number of sex-change operations carried out in Norfolk is to rise next year to clear a backlog.
The move follows a complaint to the Healthcare Commission by a patient who was disappointed that their surgery was not going ahead as quickly as planned.

[Ireland] [Commentary]
Rewriting history cannot fix nature's cruel twists of fate
It would take a hard heart not to admire the courage and the tenacity of Dr Lydia Foy in legally confronting the state for ten years in the course of her campaign to get herself recognised as a woman.

Court junks transsexual’s bid for change of gender
THE Supreme Court yesterday rejected the appeal of a transsexual to alter his gender and first name in the civil registry, saying there is no law allowing such a change.

Unsung Heroes: Zander Keig's Tao of Trans Activism
In light of his work now, it hard to believe Zander Keig started out with the U.S. Coast Guard or that he was once an undercover narcotics agent. The laid back guy, who still dresses for the Southern California beaches of his childhood, seems like he would have been more at home in the natural foods industry—another job Keig tried before chucking his day job to go back to school at 30.

Bill’s language contested
Opponents protest that antidiscrimination wording oversteps education code boundaries

[USA] [Book]
Legends of the Chelsea Hotel
Excerpt: And so he learns that Stormyé DeLarverié isn't just another scowling older woman keeping the unwary out of her own bathroom, but the lesbian drag king who threw the punch that kicked off the Stonewall Riots

[Commentary] Time to End ENDA
Evangelicals Lambaste Homosexual Employment Bill
White House Warns Of ENDA Veto
House leaders delay ENDA vote