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terça-feira, outubro 23, 2007

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Struggles for sexual, gender liberation rooted in national liberation movements
Resistance rose wherever European colonial and imperial powers enforced the restructuring of indigenous sexualities, gender expressions, organization of the sexes, and family and kinship structures. This "New World Order" facilitated the economic exploitation of the labor, land and resources.

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No, no. No es así.
No, no. No es así. No es un problema de si sobra o falta un trocito de algo. Eso es muy simple. Es probable que ha usted le sobre grasa en el cuerpo. ¿Probó hacer deporte, comer realizando alguna dieta?. En cualquier caso jamás (y esto lo digo como persona de ideología liberal) yo intentaría limitar derechos, sino ampliarlos.

Transsexual wins landmark case after epic 10-year battle
THE Government is legally obliged to revise the law on the rights of those who have changed sexes following a landmark decision in the High Court yesterday .

Net demand: return her asian games medal
Kristen Worley and Santhi Soundarajan have never met. But Canadian transsexual cyclist Worley, according to, a netzine supporting the cause of gays, is fighting the cause of the Indian athlete and other victims of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS).

Draft 'ignores transvestites'
The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is to consider a bill tomorrow that would allow people who have undergone a sex-change operation to use either "Miss" or "Mr" as their title and married and divorced women to choose "Miss" or "Mrs" as their title.

Battling stigma
A Singaporean transsexual fights the 'culture of shame' in Asia.
SHE loves children and her lifelong dream is to be a wife and a mother, but the raspy voice and masculine frame betray the fact that Leona Lo was born a man.
Photo: Leona Lo plans to travel Asia to advocate greater tolerance for gender diversity.

Una transexual se presenta a las elecciones en Argentina
Erica Moreno, una transexual de 33 años de edad, se presentará a las elecciones municipales de Ushuaia, la capital de Tierra del Fuego en la Patagonia argentina.

El primer consultorio del país sólo para travestis y transexuales ya funciona
Rosario abrió el primer consultorio médico público del país que se ocupa exclusivamente de la atención médica de los travestis y transexuales, que tienen un promedio de vida que no supera los 40 años.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Transgressive technologies: Does a posthuman dystopia await us? Part One
Excerpt: Such technologies can be a vehicle for the almost indefinite perpetuation of "the unnatural," never allowing today's societies to "catch their breath" and possibly return to earlier, sounder bearings. For example, in the book, Posthuman Bodies (edited by Judith Halberstam, Indiana University Press, 1995), a group of ultra-radical, postmodern writers and scholars, looks forward to the deconstruction of actual physical gender which could occur as a result of advancing technology. They talk of such things as men literally being able to bear children, as well as a "transgendered" existence across a "spectrum" of variants.

SC junks transsexual’s plea for gender, name change
To prevent complications with existing laws, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition of a transsexual for his name and gender to be changed in his birth certificate, to allow him to marry his American fiancé.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
Entering the realm of the ridiculous
This one comes right out of "You've got to be kidding me!"
Either that or, "That's California for you."
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed a law that would open female school locker rooms to transgender men.
The law, Senate Bill 777, would permit transgender students to enter the locker rooms and restrooms of the gender with which they identify most.
Conservative Groups Target Calif. Students Rights Act
Socially conservative groups have begun a petition drive to repeal legislation that would protect California students from bias.
[Commentary] CA Schools: Pull Christian Kids Out
Christians in California are outraged that their children in public schools will be indoctrinated pro-homosexuality in all its aspects. Therefore, believers are urged to pull their students immediately out of all public schools for home schooling or private schools.
[Commentary] Public school parents are slow learners
The Terminator is at it again. Only this time he seems bent on terminating what's left of childhood innocence in California public schools.

Trial starts Monday that will test prisoner sex change law
A state law prohibiting tax dollars from paying for prisoner sex changes will be tested this week, with a trial in federal court.
Federal Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Anti-Transgender Law
A Wisconsin law that bars the state from paying for gender reassignment surgery for prison inmates violates the US Constitution a federal judge was told Monday.

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