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quinta-feira, outubro 25, 2007

Transgender Day Of Remembrance
Almost 10 percent of transgender people will be murdered, compared to 0.0055 percent of the general population.
In addition, 60 percent of all transgender people become victims of hate crimes.

More cash to fund extra sex changes
GENDER reassignment surgery could be given increased funding in the county after health bosses came in for criticism for offering just three such operations a year.

Gay conference faces ban on public event
Excerpt: In September a Lithuanian transsexual won a case at the European Court of Human Rights over claims that he has been blocked from completing his gender transition.
The seven judges also ruled that Lithuania must implement new legislation on gender reassignment within three months or pay damages.

The transsexual who says she was pressured into an affair with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when she was just 16 once filed a similar - and bogus - claim against another older man, court filings show.
Photo: SUE-ZY Q: Transsexual Maximilia Cordero (right, with lawyer William Unroch) filed a similar underage-sex suit like the one she has against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
Alleged Cross-Dresser Files Claim Against Billionaire
A would-be model who claims that she was pushed reluctantly into a relationship at age 16 with a billionaire was born male, according to records.

Jury Selection in Trial for Ex-Correctional Officer
Jury selection began Tuesday in a Greene County sexual abuse case rife with the twists and intricacies of television storyline.
Greene County correctional officer Kevin Biegel, 46, of Coeymans is facing two counts of felony third-degree criminal sexual act and three counts of misdemeanor second-degree sexual abuse after allegedly forcing an inmate to perform oral sex on him.
According to investigators, Biegel regularly forced Courtney Wilson, 23, an inmate at the medium-security prison, to perform sex acts on him in late 2005.
Wilson, a male-to-female transsexual, had been serving a three-year-maximum sentence for convictions in Ontario County for assault and scheming to defraud. She has since been released.

[WI,USA] [Editorial]
Can't the courts just toss it out?
Taxpayers owe predators absolutely nothing beyond the basics.

Inmate says hormones treat identity disorder
A male Wisconsin prison inmate who has developed feminine characteristics after taking hormones testified Tuesday that the treatments have helped him deal with gender identity disorder.

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