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domingo, novembro 04, 2007

When Ramesh Venkatesan realised that he wanted to be a woman as a teenager he was too ashamed to tell his family and friends.
He even pretended to be in love with a girl at his college in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.
Today, aged 28, he not only wears a sari and make-up openly in the street, but next month he will become the first transsexual host of an Indian television programme.
Photo: Ramesh Venkatesan (Rose)

Officials at a California public school have cancelled a cross-dressing day, following a slew of parental complaints.

Friends, family and classmates gathered at dusk Friday on the soccer field at Black River Public School to remember a transgender youth who committed suicide Monday.
A West Michigan teenager recently took his own life, a death that is part of a startling statistic among individuals who literally feel they were born with the wrong bodies.

Screen writers are turning to transexuals to add shock to shows.

"I do this work so people don't have to be lonely; so they don't have to be devastated. When I came out as trans, I was devastated. Within in a few months, I lost my marriage, my job, my career. But out of that came TransGender Michigan. And if my crisis hadn't happened, there probably still wouldn't be a statewide organization. " - Rachel Crandell
Photo: TransGender Michigan founder Rachael Crandall. BTL photo: Jason A. Michael