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quarta-feira, outubro 31, 2007

[Italy] [Blog/Commentary]
Italian "gay baby" ad: insightful or insolent?
Pretty startling, isn't it? The ad, which has appeared in Italian newspapers and on billboards across Tuscany, says, "Sexual orientation is not a choice." The ads are sponsored by the regional government in an effort to combat homophobia and to promote the Festival of Creativity. Similar ads appeared in Quebec last year; the campaign was developed by a Canadian foundation called Emergence.

[India] [Film]
Depicting the transgender truth
It's a community most people ridicule or prefer to keep at arm's length.
But what does it mean to cross the gender divide, to be free of being male as society defines it?
That's the theme explored in the film Our Family.
A true story about a family of transgender women that unfolds over three generations.

Transgender man can keep post as pastor
Methodist council rules after local clergy questioned his appointment
Church Court Rules For Transgender Pastor
The United Methodist Church's highest court ruled Tuesday that a transsexual pastor can keep his post.
[Blog/News/Video] Methodists Vote to Keep Transgender Pastor
In a potentially landmark decision, the United Methodist Church has ruled that a transgender pastor who applied for a name change can remain in the ministry. The decision in case of the Rev. Drew Phoenix was released on Tuesday by the church's Judicial Council.

Two former men share transgender experience
Transgender activists Barbara "Babs" Casbar and Terry McCorkell spoke to a crowd of about 30 College students Thursday night in Forcina Hall to address the historical, political and social issues of transgender advocacy. They also shared their own gender identity experiences: the two former men now each lead the life of a woman.

Gay Rights Group Quits Club Dispute
A Valley gay rights group, Equality Arizona, has washed its hands of an ongoing battle between transgenders and a Scottsdale nightclub.

Landmark gay rights bills split state's congressional delegation
[Commentary] ENDA, Obama and the cultural war
[News/Commentary] Critics Claim ENDA Would Threaten Religious Freedom
(press release) Reform Jewish Leader Calls on House to Pass Transgender Inclusive Non-Discrimination Act
TVC: ENDA would force Christians to 'kowtow' to homosexual, transgendered employees