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sábado, novembro 03, 2007

Sex change teacher escapes jail sentence for indecent pictures
A NURSERY school teacher trainee from Highbridge, currently undergoing sex-change treatment, yesterday (Tuesday) escaped a prison term after being convicted of downloading indecent images of children.

My husband became my best girlfriend
Nine years ago Martin Packer told his wife that he was a transsexual — and became Emma. Today, their relationship is stronger than ever. Louette Harding reveals why

Lithuania Must Respect Rights Of Gays, Trannies
Lithuania must respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Amnesty International is concerned that Lithuania is failing to respect the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.

Transgender to host TV show
In a new role to a transgender in the history of Indian television, 28-year-old Rose will be hosting a talk show on a Tamil satellite channel to discuss various social issues.
GENDER NO BIAS: The show titled Ippadikku Rose will discuss issues like child absuse, transgenders, etc. (Pic: Reuters)
Country’s first transgender TV host is here
She walked into the hall with an aura of a celebrity and apologised for the 30-minute delay, blaming the make-up and traffic snarl for it. Even though her first show is still to go on air, Rose is already a star. She is the first transvestite to host a show in Indian television history.

Transsexuals want space, acceptance
Over 3,000 transsexuals in Tamil Nadu who donated their eyes last month are hoping that society will now "see" them differently.
Catherine Crouch, the director of a controversial movie about gender reassignment that was pulled from this year's LGBT film festival, met face-to-face with detractors of her film The Gendercator at a standing-room only forum in San Francisco last week and defended the film's message.

A month to promote trans-awareness
As a part of November's Trans-Awareness Month, the PSU Queer Resource Center will hold informational workshops, movie nights and a candlelight vigil in memory of the individuals who have suffered due to anti-transgender crimes and prejudice.

Running of the drag queens
Men dressed as Audrey Hepburn, Pocahontas and other famous females were on full display Tuesday night at the annual high heel race in Dupont Circle.
Photo: Media Credit: Ryder Haske
Men dressed in drag participate in the 12th annual high heel race in Dupont Circle Tuesday night.

Coaxing kids to cross-dress
A Bay Area Middle School has canceled a scheduled cross-dressing or "gender-switch" day after parents complained, according to an Oct. 30 Pacific Justice Institute news release. The Sacramento-based institute is a legal organization that defends parental rights, religious freedom, and other civil liberties.

Civil rights groups call for end to school harassment
Following Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on two bills last month to strengthen student safety in schools, civil rights organizations are seeking ways to enforce the new laws in California's school districts.

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male and female He created them
The Religion News Service <http://www.religion> brings us the happy news about the former Rev. Ann Gordon, now known to the world as Rev. Drew Phoenix

Fabulous: Transtasia
Trantasia is a fabulous, fascinating documentary now available on DVD about a transsexual beauty pageant that was held in Las Vegas where over two dozen entrants competed for the title "World's Most Beautiful Transsexual" and the opportunity to perform in a showgirl revue. Bay Times caught up with three of the contestants profiled in the film - local entrant Cassandra, Erica and Maria - and asked them about their lives, clothes, and mission.

Arizona Bar Ends Ban On Transsexuals
A Scottsdale bar under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General's Office for barring transsexuals says it has lifted the ban, but will not permit the trans woman who filed the complaint into the establishment.

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Catholic Principal “Hooked” As Woman
Can you believe it? Yet another conservative sex scandal!? Just when we were getting over cross-dressing <> *Richard Curtis* 'resignation <> comes news of Catholic principal *Paul Schum* hustling his junk in fishnets.

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